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Finding new leads and customers is costly...

David Crowther

David Crowther
Founder, NerveCentral

So it makes better business sense to convert more of those leads into sales once you've found them, right?

They’ve already shown interest in your product or service, so now all you have to do is convince them to purchase …

Copywriting and design that is optimized for conversions, increases the probability your visitors will turn into customers.

By having the right content that resonates with your customers, you’ll immediately start increasing your sales.

Even better, imagine having a team fully taking care of your sales funnel and actioning it for you step-by-step (and, optionally, month after month) …

You could find yourself in the enviable position of doubling, or trebling your revenue ... now wouldn't that be something.

My name is David Crowther, and I'm the founder of NerveCentral.

At NerveCentral, our focus is on websites, email campaigns and sales funnels that actually increase your sales, not just look pretty (although, we make some pretty good-looking websites as well).

We do this by taking a systematic, data driven approach.

In the past, we've generated a:

  • 310% increase in inquiries by redesigning a client’s existing landing page.

  • 140% increase in click-through rate by optimizing a client’s email campaign.

  • 84% increase in leads by building new landing page for a client’s Google Ads campaign.

For one of our client's, ACME Supplements (name has been changed for confidentiality), they were having success selling their formulated weight loss supplement, but knew their cart abandonment campaign was underperforming, so they hired NerveCentral to rewrite their campaign emails.

It’s important to keep an eye on open rates and click-through rates, but the ultimate metric we’re interested in is sales.

So for ACME Supplements, we tracked the sales conversion rate (SCR) and the earnings per click (EPC) to determine each email's performance, and continuously ran A/B tests to optimize the campaign.

And the results: after three months we were averaging an additional $27,000 per month in revenue.

Cart abandonment campaign results
ACME Supplements cart abandonment campaign results
“Working with NerveCentral on our email campaigns was a real pleasure. It was a relief to hand over the reigns to them, as we just weren’t getting around to creating any emails ourselves due to lack of time. And I’m glad we did, because they did a far better job of it than we could have. The additional revenue they’ve generated for us is over 10x our investment—we couldn’t be more pleased.”
Founder, ACME Supplements

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