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Looking for a proven path to launch your online course and start making sales?

Launching an online course can be overwhelming.

You find out that creating the content for your course was the easy part … now you have to:

  • Select the right platform to host your course

  • Write, design and build a sales page and email campaign

  • Set up automations and workflows

  • Integrate Stripe/PayPal, email software, live chat and affiliate management

  • And more …

The biggest mistake you can do is spend too much time and money on putting together a complex sales funnel, before you’ve even made your first sale.

But you’ve heard creating the right sales page and follow-up email sequence is super important in making your online course a success.

That’s why we created the Online Course StarterKit.

It’s like a sales funnel in a box for your online course, giving you the best chance at success.

Our three-step system for generating sales

Step one: discovery

We test the viability of your course and narrow down your target audience by running a paid advertising campaign to a basic landing page pre-selling either an introductory course, or your main course.

Step two: sales funnel

With the data analysed from step one, we now have the information we need to plan and build your sales funnel to maximize sales and revenue of your online course.

Step three: optimize and scale

We continue to refine and optimize the sales funnel to increase conversions, and start scaling the traffic generation for even greater profits.

By approaching the project this way, we're not making assumptions without data to back it up.

Discovery allows us to:

  1. Determine if there is interest in your course.

  2. Help us define your target audience and what type of content and approach best resonates with them.

  3. Give us an indication of what your advertising budget should be.


"NerveCentral helped my company launch a new product that brought in a 5-figure profit in the first week (without any affiliates). They wrote a number of landing pages, video scripts and an email series building up to the launch. They did a great job at copywriting and guiding us through the whole process. The product launch was a tremendous success!"

How our process works

  1. Before we start, we ask you to fill out a questionnaire which gives us the data we need to dig deep into the psychology of your target audience, as well as discover what makes your course stand out from the others.

  2. We conduct our research on your customers and your competitors until we have all the information we need.

  3. (Optional) We knuckle down and write the first draft of your content.

  4. We design the landing pages and emails in your sales funnel.

  5. We build the pages and emails on the agreed platforms.

  6. We set up any required workflows and automations.

  7. (Optional) We run 5 remote user tests including video recordings to catch any usability issues that could potentially lower conversions.

  8. We go live—much clapping of hands and patting of backs ensues.


Configure your options below.


$250 per month

$2000 set up

  • Proven sales funnel blueprint

  • Custom professional design

  • Email campaigns

  • Automations and workflows

  • Sales funnel integrated with online course platform

  • Custom domain or subdomain

  • Ongoing support

  • No tie-in — take your sales funnel with you


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Starting at $1250

For those of you who are lacking in the fine art of writing, we can provide sales focused copywriting for your sales funnel.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

$1500 per month

By testing different copy, imagery and layouts on your website and emails each month, you can create an optimized user journey for your visitors, resulting in increased conversions and revenue.

Paid Ads

$1250 per month

Set up and ongoing management and optimization (A/B testing ads) of Google Ads + Bing Ads, OR Facebook Ads + Instagram Ads to generate targeted traffic for your sales funnel. Just a flat monthly rate—no percentage of your ad spend.

*Advertising budget not included.


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With years of experience in all the major online course platforms, we’ll help you select the ideal platform for you based on your requirements.

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About us

Here at NerveCentral our goal is to provide an incredible customer experience AND quantifiable results that increase your profits.

We’re a small team of individuals with specialized experience, here to help you squeeze every last drop of revenue out of your sales funnel.

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Mark Singleton

"NerveCentral came up with a sales funnel that I would not have been capable of designing myself and transformed our conversions—one goal conversion increased by 65%, one by 165% and our primary goal conversion increased by 440%. Great to work with and exceptional results."
Mark Singleton, Speak Easily


What is a sales funnel?

The sales funnel (also known as a marketing funnel) is a series of steps developed to guide visitors towards a buying decision. The steps are composed of marketing assets that do the work of selling, such as landing pages and emails.

A sales funnel has one clear purpose: to drive customers to make a buying decision.

Who is this service best for?

Anyone who's serious about getting their online course live and start making sales, but doesn't have the time or knowledge to plan, implement and optimize a sales funnel to maximize their chances of success.

Can you integrate the emails into my email service?

Yes, we can add the emails we write directly into your email service provider and set up any required automation or workflow.

Not sure which email service provider to use? We recommend you check out

Can’t I just hire an internal marketing person?

Yes, you can. But …you’ll be hiring one lone employee. They won’t have the skills, know-how, or experience to offer you the same level of service and performance we can.

With us, you get access to the entire team, not just one person. We have years of marketing experience that works ... and the bonus: we're much cheaper than a full-time employee.

Plus, our prices are transparent. With an employee, there are hidden costs such as NI contributions, pensions, bonuses, equipment, training, holidays, sick pay, the list goes on.