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How Gavin Solved His “Slow Internet” Problem for Good

You Don’t Have to Fork Over More of Your Hard-Earned Money for Faster Speeds and Greater Connectivity...

The first time Gavin accessed the internet—on his dad’s old dial-up modem—he was sold. Yes, it was painfully slow back then, but Gavin recognized the opportunity.

The online world would soon turn into a passion for Gavin. Which is why he jumped at the opportunity to work for a popular ISP (internet service provider) in his early twenties. Not only would he be helping connect the world to the internet, but he’d also be eligible for discount internet.

The only problem was, “discount internet” turned out to be all this ISP sold…

The Problem With “Discount Internet”

From the moment Gavin booted up his home computer with what was supposed to be his fancy, fast new internet line, he was disappointed. Game lag, buffering and slow loading made using the internet a total pain.

Gavin complained to his employer, who had a very easy solution: pay more. Upgrade to a higher package.

It was only years later that Gavin found the real problem behind slow internet…

The Real Issue Behind Slow Speeds

The main problem with today’s ISPs is that they’ll readily sell you a cheap router and at the same time call it “top of the range.”

This cheap WiFi router then does a poor job of spreading the signal throughout your house. So if you’re not sitting right next to your router, you’re losing speed.

But here’s where the ISPs come in to save the day. They’ll say: for just $399 you can get a set of range extenders that will solve your problem. Only there’s a catch.

It’s also going to cost you an extra $99 per month for the added bandwidth required.

This is all garbage, naturally. But most ISPs don’t have a problem pushing this sort of agenda. It increases their bottom line, after all.

So what can we do?

Could AmplifiX Solve All Your Internet Woes?

Gavin was sick to death of his slow internet speeds. Having worked for an ISP for years, he finally learned exactly what was going on. Cheap modems and sub-par connections.

He pointed this out to his employer, who simply ignored him.

He tried to spread the message to get complaints racked up against the ISPs. But people didn’t want to complain. I mean, if they did, what would stop the ISPs from slowing down their internet?

Sure, Gavin could have simply purchased a more expensive router and solved his own problems. But he wanted to solve EVERYONE’s problems.

And this got him fired from his job.

So Gavin, an IT technician with years of experience, decided to take action.

His mission was to put the power back in the hands of the users—who were clearly powerless at this point.

Years of design, development and testing went into a device that would finally end the struggle.

And so, prototype AmplifiX was born.

Early testers found a few issues—and after a bit more R&D from Gavin and his growing team, the AmplifiX we know today was born—and it’s ready to hit the market.

The power has been restored to the users. Isn’t it time you took the power back in your hands?

How Much Money Can You Save?

How often have you strayed out of your WiFi’s “hot zone” and ended up burning through your expensive mobile data?

With AmplifiX, that’ll never happen again—when installed correctly (more on this later).

And what if you could now downgrade your internet speed and save on costs that way? Since you’ll be getting your line’s maximum speed, you’ll no longer need that huge line speed just to be able to enjoy some form of internet.

That is unless you’d like to keep the greater line speed (you’d be forgiven if you wanted to).

But the fact is that with AmplifiX, you can now enjoy the strongest possible WiFi signal wherever you go in your home. Whether it be the study, the basement, the garage or even the attic. You’ll have a signal and you’ll save on mobile data costs.

When You’re Tired of Slow WiFi, Get AmplifiX

Slow WiFi causes a whole list of annoying problems. And AmplifiX solves all of them.

Because faster internet means…

  • No more buffering videos
  • Better video quality
  • Clearer conference calls
  • Less lag while gaming
  • Less impact from running multiple devices
  • Better WiFi coverage anywhere you can put a plug
  • Money saved that you’d otherwise spend on a faster internet package

And so much more. Any problems you’re currently facing due to slow internet… gone.

Overall, you’ll simply get more done.

Hold On, How Much Does This Cost?

With so many years of hard work and testing going into the AmplifiX device, you’d think it would cost hundreds—even thousands of dollars.

But Gavin never lost sight of his goal—to help users take back the power from greedy ISPs.

And he stands by that mission today—not willing to become the very thing he hates.

You can get your very own AmplifiX for just $49 (currently down from $99).

I know, that’s hard to believe, but one of the major requirements for Gavin was that the device is widely affordable. That’s what he strove for—and that’s what he’s achieved.

But before you grab your very own AmplifiX and finally enjoy the high internet speeds you’re paying for, here are some recommendations on installation.

3 Easy Steps for the Best Possible Experience

  1. Purchase your device
  2. Install device (super easy!)
  3. Voila! Fast internet at your fingertips

It’s really as easy as that. Although the size of your property must be taken into account.

To ensure total coverage, you should get 1 AmplifiX device for roughly every 500 square feet. That way you’ll be able to roam your entire house without ever running into buffering again.

Your local setup will finally be free from lag. Free from slow, painful internet.

Early Adopters Save Even More

The AmplifiX’s $49 price tag won’t last forever.

ISPs have caught on, and they're trying to take a patent to market right now to put a stop to Gavin. Plus a patent would mean a gross price increase as the product would be back in the hands of the greedy ISPs.

So grab your AmplifiX device while you can.

Place your order below—before we’re potentially shut down for good.

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End Slow and Unreliable Internet for Good

Get the Quality WiFi Signal You Deserve—Anywhere in Your Home

  • Faster internet
  • Eliminate “dead spots”
  • Less lag
  • Less buffering
  • Less meeting interruptions
  • Save money

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Stop Slow Internet for Good

There’s nothing quite as infuriating as slow internet. Buffering, choppy video calls, video game lag and those PAINFULLY slow downloads.

No more.

Our “saviour” is finally here—AmplifiX.

How AmplifiX Works

Your cheap WiFi router (that your ISP probably told you was “top of the line”) can’t blast its weak signal through walls.

AmplifiX takes that weak signal and turns it into a powerful stream of high-speed connectivity, so you can stay connected wherever you are on your property.

Grab your AmplifiX now to stop weak signal from spoiling your internet.

  • Works with any internet router or brand
  • Uses the frequency of 2.4Ghz
  • Transfer rate of up to 300Mbps, equipped for all applications LAN RJ45 connection
  • Easy to set up
  • Energy-efficient and low-radiation interference
  • No additional material needed to install
  • Eliminates connectivity problems in dead zones

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Eliminate Surprise Costs on Your Mobile Bill

When you’re heavily involved in a book, game or even video, it’s easy to not pay attention to your connectivity.

If your mobile decides to switch to mobile data, you could be in for big surprise costs at the end of the month. And this is a rather common occurrence, thanks to the greed of ISPs.

We’ve seen some astronomical bills in our time. The highest costs were incurred during major updates on mobile firmware.

Don’t get caught off-guard. Improve your WiFi signal.

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You Could Even Save on Your Internet Bill

Let’s be straight. You’re not getting what you pay for on your current internet package.

You pay for more—so you can get a usable amount of internet (and even then, it’s spotty at best).

But what if you could unleash the full power of internet connection? You could downgrade your line and save some money.

That’s what AmplifiX makes possible.

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Or Keep Your Now Lightning-Fast Line

If saving isn’t your thing, you can simply keep your faster internet and actually enjoy it fully.

No more lag or buffering—just the smooth, fast internet you’re already meant to be getting.

Finally, you can enjoy your games again. You can enjoy your movies. You can kick butt in those meetings.

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No More WiFi Dead Zones

If you don’t have a data plan on your phone, it can be all too easy to walk into a dead zone and completely lose connection.

Or maybe your smart TV is in a dead zone. Your laptop, or even your big gaming PC.

Whatever it is, if there are dead zones in your house, AmplifiX will destroy them—and give you uninterrupted WiFi wherever you are.

Simply get your AmplifiX and you’re one easy installation away from fast, reliable internet everywhere.

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How Many Devices Do I Need?

For the best possible experience with AmplifiX, it’s advised to get one device for roughly every 500 square feet you’d like to cover.

It’s easy math. Simply take your home’s total square footage, divide that by 500, and you’ve got the number of devices you need. Round up or down accordingly.

Though we recommend you to round up from .4 onwards. So 3.3 would become 3, but 3.4 would become 4.

Then simply place your order and you’ll finally have the key to fast, reliable internet.

Other Common Questions

Do I Need Extra Software to Set it Up?

Nope. No software, no drivers, AmplifiX is fully plug-and-play.

What is the Wireless Rate and Frequency?

Up to 300mbps and 2.4 GHz

Is AmplifiX Compatible with My Router?

AmplifiX is compatible with all routers—even and especially cheaper models.

Say Hello to Truly Reliable Internet

Finally, it’s time to say goodbye to your old, slow internet.

No longer will you struggle with lag. With buffering. With internet-interrupted meetings.

No… it’s time to say hello to fast, reliable internet.

But hurry. There’s a limited amount of time. With ISPs doing all they can to shut us down, we cannot guarantee the ongoing availability of AmplifiX.

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Does the Device Truly Work?

[picture “proof”] + [testimonials if available]

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A Perfect World?

What if you could hop onto a conference call and hear every word as though the other person was sitting right next to you?

What if you could watch Netflix whenever you want—without having to worry about buffering?

What if you could game at hyper speeds—no interruptions?

Forget buffering. Get ready to step into the future of the internet.

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A Once in a Lifetime Offer

The AmplifiX device is usually $99. But as a special opening discount, we’re letting the first 100 units go for just $49. (UPDATE: 100 83 67 units now left)

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