We created a sales funnel to sell the owners 3 books on penny stock trading.


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Email 1

Subject: I’m sorry that you missed it - but there’s more!

Hi [firstname],

I noticed that you missed out on the one time offer for the Ultimate Trader’s Toolkit.

But that’s okay - if you can’t afford it right now I totally understand. You’re still getting the free book, and I’ll be dropping you emails from time to time to try to help you even more.

So you might want to whitelist my email - or just hit reply and say hi. This is to make sure you don’t miss anything from me.

Would hate to have you miss out on a useful tip or hint should I end up in your spam or promotions folder…

Well, hope you get that book fast! It’s seriously going to help you a lot.

But you’ve got to work at it. You can’t expect to just read it and then hope to remember everything. So here’s how to get the most out of the book:

Step 1: Read the book as quickly as possible. Don’t worry too much about retaining everything. This is just to get a feel for the book as a whole.

Step 2: Read the book again - but this time take notes. And make sure to understand each strategy and theory you come across.

And that’s it. You can always read the book a third time, but you should start investing (even small amounts) during the second read, so you can test out the strategies as you go. And then use what works when you put a decent amount of money in.

And if you ever have any questions, drop me an email and I’ll see if I can help out (be patient - I do get A LOT of emails).

All the best, [firstname]

And happy trading!



Email 4

Subject: 5 things that influence penny stock prices - plus a package you might fall in love with...

[firstname], my first book will help you make a profit on the penny stock market - if you go through the effort of learning its content and applying what you learn.

But what if you want to take this more seriously? What if you want to trade full-time, and learn more advanced strategies?

Well, then my second and third books will come in handy for you.

And you can get all three of my books in digital format right now. So you don’t have to wait another second.

This is a package deal that’s only open to a limited number of traders, so don’t wait too long.

Click here for more info.


Today I’d like to expand a bit on what drives stock prices. I’ll try to not make this email too long - so here’s bare basics.

We covered Technical Trading Imbalances in the last email, so I won’t go over those again.

Earnings Results - If a company performs better or worse than expected, the stock price will fluctuate accordingly. So keep an eye on the companies you invest with.

Partnerships - If a penny stock company gets a partnership with a big firm, their stock price could explode. Partnerships falling apart can also drop prices - so keep an eye out for talk around partnerships.

Product Launches - When a company launches a new product, it’s an exciting time for traders. A good launch can have the price soaring, while a bad launch can tank the price.

Industry Expansion - When an industry expands, businesses who have an X% of market share will see a rise in revenue - and a rise in stock price. Same thing for a shrinking industry - only they’ll be losing. Think of the dot com bubble of the 90’s.

Staff Hires/ Fires - When corporate team members get fired and hired, penny stock prices go haywire. Directly after a new CEO appointment is a good time to watch penny stocks closely - if the CEO does a great job, they could rise dramatically. And the same is true for the opposite.

So there are 5 more things that could have an influence on penny stock prices. But there are hundreds more reasons prices can fluctuate.

This email would be unreadable if I included them all (and you’d probably be overwhelmed).

So how will you learn them all? But trading. By trading and learning - and my books will help you a TON.

As you trade and learn, you’ll find yourself getting better at predicting market movements - and you’ll be closer to that “work-from-anywhere,” jet-setter lifestyle you’ve always wanted.

So if you’d like to grab that limited book bundle I’m offering, click here.

All the best, [firstname].