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Man Kicked Out of Car Dealership for “Looking Like a Bum”—But What Happened Next Will SHOCK You...

Tom Smith, 35, from [location] considers himself a regular guy. He has a wife, two kids, a dog, and recently bought a new house.

He also has a fondness for classic cars. One day this past April, he was window shopping at a classic car dealership. You can imagine his outrage when the salesman told him he looked like a bum, and said to get lost ...

... But what happened the next day will leave you speechless as he got the ultimate revenge.

It happened one Saturday morning. Tom was browsing a classic car dealership just to look at his dream car. He had no intent of buying at this point, but dreamed of a day in the future when he’d finally be able to own the vintage Mercedes he’d loved ever since he was a boy.

Just a few minutes after he entered the dealership a salesman approached him with a wide grin on his face. That’s where it got messy.

“Um, what are you doing here?” The salesman asked.

Tom was taken aback, but said “I’m just checking out the cars.”

The salesman’s smug grin grew even wider: “And do you have any intent of buying today?”

Tom felt a little embarrassed to tell him that no, he was only window shopping.

“I knew it!” the salesman laughed. “I could tell you were broke from the minute you came in, you look like a bum and will never be able to afford one of our vintage cars!” He was then told to leave and never come back.

But That’s Not the End of the Story…

Tom left that day feeling humiliated and furious. But there was nothing he could do. He was a modest wage earner, there was no way he could he could just walk in and start making demands… Or was there?

Later that night Tom went home and logged on Facebook. He saw one of his friends posting “I’ve won! I”ve won!” He asked his friend what happened and she said, “I won $5000 at [redacted]” He asked her to explain how it happened and she said it was a new online casino that was offering people 150 free spins as a special promotion. “It’s free,” she explained to him, “so why not at least give it a try?”

And that’s exactly what Tom did. And much to his surprise and delight, within 50 spins, he not only won… he won BIG. To his astonishment, the word “JACKPOT” flashed across the screen, and he saw that he had won a 7 figure payout.

At first he didn’t believe it, but after a few days he saw the payment had cleared in his bank account. Suddenly Tom was a wealthy man. And you can guess which smug, grinning car salesman was about to hear about it.

The Ultimate Revenge

A few days after his check cleared, Tom drove down to the same car dealership where he’d been insulted before. He made sure to wear his rattiest clothes, just to surprise the car salesman even more when he heard the news.

When Tom entered the dealership, sure enough, he was greeted by the same salesman he’d met previously. And surprise surprise, the salesman burst out laughing again at Tom’s ratty clothes. “Back for more, are you?” he laughed.

But this time, Tom had the perfect comeback: “Yes, I’m back for that Mercedes right over there, and I’m paying for it up-front in cash. And please, get me another salesman, as you will not be earning a penny in commission from this sale!”

The car salesman’s grin disappeared quickly as reality set in, and he found someone else to close the sale for Tom. And it just turned out that that someone else was also the owner of dealership. When Tom told him the story, he fired the salesman on the spot.

We decided to follow up with the car dealership this morning, and the owner confirmed that the salesman is no longer with the company. Looks like Karma is very real in Tom’s case!

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We have followed up with [redacted] and they have told us they are not going to be offering this promotion for much longer, confirming that it will end on [date].

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