We wrote a press release for the new Cosmedique skin care product.

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After Years of Pioneering Scientific Study, Cosmedique, A Research-Based Skin Treatment Specifically Designed to Reverse Signs of Aging & Reveal A Younger, Clearer Complexion Has Finally Been Released

After an extended period of hype surrounding the bespoke research behind this product, Cosmedique – Ultra Concentrated Skin Rejuvenation has been officially released.

Through Cosmedique’s official website, you can finally get your hands on what’s being hailed as the first anti-aging cream able to produce results akin to cosmetic injections – without the needles!

What actually is Cosmedique?

Expertly-developed using decades of pioneering research into skin rejuvenation, Swiss scientists established Cosmedique’s exclusive formula.

A lightweight facial cream that’s both simple and pleasant to apply, Cosmedique may look like a regular moisturiser, but its unique blend of ingredients certainly suggests otherwise.

Containing hyaluronic acid, widely-renowned for its skin-boosting properties, as well as Vitamins A, C, E and natural proteins, a lot of Cosmedique’s hype has been focused on a secret ‘key ingredient’.

This mysterious ingredient is responsible for stimulating stem cell multiplication to significantly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, resulting in supple, younger-looking skin regardless of age.

Since its recent release, this hidden ingredient has been revealed as caviar extract – a proven age-defying substance guaranteed to penetrate the skin’s deeper layers as opposed to simply staying on the surface. This ingredient’s ability to work itself down into the skin’s lower layers is what makes it so effective against the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and discoloration – quite literally a ‘magic’ ingredient in the world of skincare.

What does Cosmedique actually do?

One of the primary goals researchers wanted to achieve with Cosmedique was to create an all-in-one cream capable of achieving never-before-seen results from just one sole product.

Generally, most skincare routines involve at least two, maybe even three, different moisturisers and treatments in an attempt to reduce signs of aging. But, with Cosmedique as your only skincare product, it’s claimed you’re almost certain to achieve these results quickly and easily – without having to deal with multiple products at once.

In just four weeks of using Cosmedique, scientists say your wrinkles are likely to appear ‘filled in’ with a distinct supple appearance. Flaws such as redness and hyperpigmentation will be eliminated, and fine lines are said to have completely disappeared by this time point.

Typically, such outstanding results are only seen from procedures such as cosmetic injections – something many people are extremely apprehensive about, especially if they’ve never had them before.

So, if Cosmedique achieves what it says it can achieve, signs of aging will be a thing of the past, and a new-found sense of confidence will be naturally achieved without having to resort to nerve-wracking needles.

To try Cosmedique for yourself, a 30-day free trial is currently being offered on the company’s website. So, to potentially achieve completely rejuvenated, younger-looking skin without taking the risk of spending anything other than shipping, click here to make sure you don’t miss out!