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The digital marketing agency Digital Current wanted to improve their lead generation and so came to us to rewrite their website.

  • Strategy
  • Copywriting

Get the strategy, rankings, and sales that you were promised

Not just for one campaign – but for your long-term success

  • Strategic marketing solutions to grow awareness of your brand

  • Results-driven SEO & link-building to boost traffic

  • Content marketing to build authority

  • Conversion optimization to increase sales

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We’ve helped thousands of businesses rank higher and increase sales…

Who are we?

Not getting the traffic or sales you expected from your marketing campaigns?

The success of any campaign depends almost entirely on the talent, experience, dedication, and integrity of the people running it.

When you entrust your digital marketing to Digital Current, you get the best in all departments. 

Located in Phoenix (Mesa), Arizona, we have grown rapidly from occupying a two-room strip-mall office in 2003 to over 60 full-time SEO and digital marketing professionals. 

Our team includes:

  • Experienced marketing strategists to provide the direction that brings your vision to reality;

  • Skilled technicians to deliver the SEO and link-building results you need;

  • Sales-focused conversion optimizers to help you convert more traffic; and 

  • Dedicated account managers to make sure you’re always in the loop

Troy Ireland - CEO, Visionary, Partner

A seasoned marketer and respected industry leader who builds strategic initiatives and broader business relationships, as well as leading our culture of thought leadership and ideation. Find out more…

Chris Luttjohann VP of Strategy & Marketing

An executive marketing leader who builds integrated business strategies and has an impressive track record of guiding expert teams through successful implementation. Find out more…

Geoffrey Wilcoxson - Sr. Client Performance Engineer

A tech translator, future-focused strategist, and the ultimate client collaborator. He helps determine the best customized solutions to maximize performance within defined budgets. Find out more…

Jayson Akers - Digital Strategy Architect

Jayson crosses the technical chasm of digital marketing, bringing personalized guidance to unravel the complexities of digital marketing and the end-to-end strategy to align campaigns with business goals. Find out more…

How do we deliver?

Strategic marketing

We bring strategic direction to your business - based upon the data.

Going beyond basic audits and intake calls, we dig deep for rich insights needed to make better, data-driven decisions; we create more effective campaigns that consistently deliver the results your business needs.


Familiar with all the latest techniques and intricacies of search engine optimization, we have a proven track record of creating and executing world-class on-page and off-page strategies. 

Over a decade of data and trend analysis enables us to position clients for short and long-term success, securing market share before the competition has a chance to react.

Conversion optimization

If the website you’ve worked so hard to create is not taking full advantage of converting your traffic, you are leaving money on the table every day.

By analyzing the critical pages on your site where people buy, sign up, and ask questions, we help optimize your sales funnel. 

Content marketing

With over a decade’s experience in bringing big ideas to life, we create, distribute and promote content that motivates engagement, giving your brand a voice that’s easy to find — and impossible to ignore.

With Digital Current, you build awareness, authority, and trust in your brand – all key ingredients of marketing success.

How it works

  1. Make an appointment - to discuss your initial requirements

  2. 1-hour discovery call - if we’re a good fit, discuss your goals and requirements with a high-level strategist

  3. Further compatibility check – to make sure that we are right for you and vice versa

  4. Proposal presentation - a detailed solution presented in a meeting that will also help to answer any questions you have

  5. Agreement on time-based or campaign retainer - we are flexible and strive for a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Who’s it for?

Has your previous agency over-promised and under-delivered?

Whether you’re in ecommerce, travel, education, or anything else, Digital Current is for organizations looking to invest in their future, by developing:

  • Innovative marketing strategies that align with their overall vision and goals

  • Higher rankings through ‘white hat’ SEO and expert link-building

  • More awareness of their brand through ‘authority’ marketing and thought leadership

  • Increased sales through higher conversion rates

  • Mid to long-term results from their SEO and digital marketing

We’ve built quite a fan club…

“Innovative marketing strategies!”

“Working with Digital Current has shown tremendous success for Buddha Teas. They have effectively developed innovative marketing strategies for our website and have tapped into numerous resources to increase day-to-day sales from a focused audience in our niche.”
– John Boyd, Owner Buddha Teas

“Delivered incredible results”

“DigitalCurrent’s team really have this SEO game figured out! They have delivered incredible results for our company in a reasonable period of time, and unlike many others in this industry, with totally white-hat techniques and a growth outlook for the future.”
– Steven G, CTO Decor Planet

“Top-notch results”

“Their professionalism is off the charts. They’re always into the data. They’re really great people and it’s turned out to become a personal relationship too”
– Jenniefer Halverson, Dir. of Marketing, Legacy Building Solutions

“Content-based link-building exemplified!”

“Digital Current is lighting the SEO industry with innovation and distinction. Their high-value content based link building approach is fantastic. Count me in as a fan club member.”

– Byron W., Owner of Writers Access Inc.

What you can expect…

In one word: strategy.

Yes, we can provide the expertise you need in key areas such as SEO, link-building, content creation, and conversion optimization.

But before we adopt these marketing tactics, you can expect us to sit down and discuss your requirements in full and to devise a strategic plan based on all your key goals. 

This will be clear, detailed, and measurable.

In addition, you can expect the following from us:

  • 3-6 people in your strategy execution team;

  • Constant collaboration between team members to ensure you’re getting the right expertise from all angles;

  • A team that stays with you from start to finish – no assigning you to a junior team after the first campaign;

  • SEO, conversion optimization, and content strategy based on achieving mid to long-term goals;

  • Transparency and communication all the way; and

  • Creativity and a steady flow of ideas.

Our guarantee

Guarantees are few and far between in digital marketing. But you get a cast-iron guarantee from us:

After we sign the initial agreement, we stay with you until you get the results you’re after… no handing off to a junior team!


When can we expect to see results?

The minimum time frame before you see results will be three months. In general, six months is more realistic but the important thing is that results do come. 

What are the average monthly costs for your clients?

These vary. Total monthly fees can be as low as $x- $x or as high as $x-$x. All services are tailored to your needs, so your monthly investment depends entirely upon these.

What’s included in the initial free consultation?

After you book your initial free consultation and we establish that we may be a good ‘fit’ for each other, you have the opportunity to detail your goals and requirements in a one-hour discovery call with one of our high-level marketing strategists and a sales person.

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