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Dimensions Email Campaign – Chemical 

Email 1: General intro with problem/solution and key messaging

Subject:  How can you build a stronger, greener, more sustainable business?

Hi (Insert name),

In the competitive, eco-conscious world of chemicals, you need to develop industry-disrupting initiatives that put you in front, make your business greener and position you for future growth.  

To do this, you need to be able to:

  • Analyse changing trends

  • Identify knowledge gaps

  • Speed up product development

  • Create technology forecasts

  • Keep improving your environmental performance

It can be incredibly complex, time-consuming, and resource-intensive, to meet all these challenges using legacy systems and traditional approaches. 

Fortunately, technology has intervened to make things much easier.

Introducing Dimensions…

Dimensions is an AI-powered database designed to accelerate your research process. It enables you to fast-track innovation and commercial growth and is considered the next generation in research discovery.

These are big claims but the database already has millions of researchers in all types of organisations using it to discover, access, and analyse research publications and their impact.

This is because:

  • Dimensions is the only service that extracts data across the full research lifecycle, with more data than any other provider.

  • The AI-powered semantic search incorporates ontologies of 40 million concepts with 100 million synonyms

For chemical companies, this depth of data analysis is the key to being able to analyse the trends and make the necessary changes that help you develop the right products to stay ahead of the rest.

Over the coming months, I’d like to share a little more information with you about how our customized, interactive dashboards can help you extract and present relevant information to enable better strategic decision-making at speed.  

The next email is about some of the key features and benefits of Dimensions and that will be with you shortly.

Until then,


PS. If you’d like a free demo of how the Dimensions database and research tools work, please schedule that here.


Email 2: More features & benefits/key messaging

Subject: How can you speed up your chemistry R&D?

In the last email, you were introduced to Dimensions, our AI-powered database for accelerating the research process and enabling fast-track innovation and commercial growth in the chemical industry.

Dimensions is the world’s largest scientific research database. It provides the most comprehensive view of the entire research landscape, supporting the discovery and development of materials and applications, and delivering the insights you need for innovation.

The platform not only adds depth of understanding of changing trends but also helps you stay up to date at speed. Accurate and timely research information delivered at speed can help chemical companies remain competitive and meet the challenges of innovation in a changing regulatory landscape.

Here’s what our customized dashboards can help you do…

Horizon scan in minutes 

  • Quickly fill knowledge gaps with landscape analysis of new technologies.

  • Access over 126+ million publications, grants, patents, clinical trials, and policy documents.

  • Discover over 4 billion connections between them - providing an in-depth view across the research lifecycle.  

Gain insights into the forefront of ingenuity  

  • Get access to global patent coverage of over 144 million patents.

  • Full-text search of patents from China, Japan, U.S., Germany, EPO, South Korea, WorldIntellectual Property Organization (WIPO), UK, France, Australia.

Identify missing connections  

  • Visually explore broad keywords to uncover relationships and connections.

  • Easily track trends and perform analyses.

Predict future science trends  

  • Visually explore publicly funded and new research projects.

  • Easily discover potential partners in specific fields.

  • Understand who is interacting in your field of research.  

Review existing collaborations  

  • Access over $1.3 trillion in funded grant information, 126+ million publications, and real-time citation data.

  • Quickly and easily view collaborations between industry, researchers, and academia. 

View impacts of research 

  • Discover the relationship between publication references and citations.

  • Gauge the reach of your research throughout its lifecycle. 

  • View the Altmetric attention score for quick visualization of the attention received by each publication.

These tools provide the data to help you innovate your materials, methods and applications; monitor competitor activity; identify gaps for development; and, ultimately, develop initiatives that put you in front and position you for growth.

The Dimensions team has been at the forefront of data tracking for all types of organizations for over a decade. More about why we developed Dimensions in the next email.

Meanwhile, if you’d like a free demo of how the Dimensions database and research tools work, please schedule that here.

Talk soon,



Email 3: Background/Differences with Dimensions

Subject: Who’s behind Dimensions and how can we help you?

Hi (Insert name),

In the last email, we looked at how Dimensions, the world’s largest scientific research database, can help companies in the chemical sector analyse, innovate and grow through an enhanced approach to R&D.

With our decade-long background in data research, the Dimensions team is at the forefront of helping organisations in many different industries adopt AI-based data analysis methods for their growth.

This includes some of the world’s leading universities, publishers, and pharmaceutical companies, as well as chemical companies.

But where did it all start and how are we qualified to help you?

Why did we develop the Dimensions database?

Dimensions is an initiative of Digital Science, which specializes in SaaS solutions for the research community.

The project started in 2017, partnering our portfolio companies ReadCube, Altmetric, Figshare, Symplectic, Digital Science Consultancy and ÜberResearch with the research community.

From the very beginning, we didn’t want to simply create another A&I database. We wanted to develop an A&I database on steroids!

Our goals were to:

  • Provide a fresh take on research information

  • Deliver a more open and comprehensive data infrastructure

  • Empower users to explore connections between the widest range of research data possible

We see ourselves as citizens of the research ecosystem and stand firmly behind the principles which matter to that community. For example, we are signatories of the DORA declaration, which calls for improvements to scientific research evaluation. 

Dimensions users are encouraged to draw on the data they access through our tools to develop the next generation of indicators.

How is the Dimensions platform different?

The Dimensions database offers the most comprehensive collection of linked data in a single platform; from grants, publications, datasets and clinical trials to patents and policy documents. 

Because Dimensions maps the entire research lifecycle, you can follow research from funding through output to impact. It has transformed the way research is discovered, accessed and evaluated.

Some of the key differences with other such initiatives are:

  • No limitations on users: Dimensions is all-inclusive with around 30% more documents than comparable databases, capturing all research outputs to greatly increase your analysis options. 

  • A huge variety of filtering options: to ensure you can always select the data you want to view from the extensive database.

  • 360-degree perspective: you get a fuller, broader picture of the impact that goes beyond citations (which only allow you to view data in isolation). Dimensions links publications and citations with grants, patents, clinical trials, datasets, and policy papers for a more holistic view of the research landscape.

  • Modern, linked data architecture: with our easy-to-use and flexible database, users don’t just access data, they can manipulate and analyse them too from a single platform.

  • Powerful Dimensions API: we provide a domain-specific querying language for more complex analyses. 

In my next email, we’ll look at a topic that’s very important to companies in the chemical sector: sustainability.

Meanwhile, if you’d like a free demo of how the Dimensions database and research tools work, please schedule that here.

Talk soon,