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COVID-19 has spread across the nation and millions of American’s are being affected by the lockdown.

There is now a growing concern that the American people can’t afford to keep the lights on as energy consumption skyrockets. These vulnerable American’s are searching for support but the profit-hungry energy companies refuse to step in to help.

Corporate energy consumption has dropped across the country and energy companies are determined to make up for their lost profits. Their plan may not come as a surprise as they continue to collect the payments from residents who now have an increased need for power.

As more and more American’s are forced to stay at home we are seeing unprecedented increases in electricity bills.

Homes that would have otherwise been empty during the day are now powering the lives of those forced to stay indoors. It is estimated that personal energy consumption could increase by as much as 30%.

This will put millions of American’s at risk, especially energy insecure individuals that have struggled to keep the lights on in the past. In previous months when the economy was doing much better 37 Million American’s were considered energy insecure.

We can now expect that number to increase as 16 million people filed for unemployment last month. Combine this with the rising consumption and cost of household energy and there could be serious problems for those at home.

Will they pull the plug on you and your family?

A city commissioner in Lake Worth Beach Florida had raised his concerns to the mayor stating that “We cut off people’s utilities this week and made them pay what could have been their last check—to us—to turn their lights on in a global health pandemic”.

This could become the reality for many families across the country as there is no clear stance on how energy companies should deal with the virus.

These powerful energy companies vary from state to state, sometimes from locality to locality, which means that there is no comprehensive approach on how they will deal with customers unable to pay their rising bills during this epidemic.

But this isn’t the first time energy companies have cut the power on vulnerable Americans. In 2018 a woman in Arizona was killed after her utility company shut off her electricity when it was 100 degrees outside. That same year a 68-year-old woman died at home when her power company pulled the plug.

Struggling families may need to make a choice between their electricity and their health…

As the number of CoronaVirus patients increases, those unable to afford their rising electricity bills will soon become the most vulnerable to the sickness. Some of these individuals will be forced to make the choice between food and medicine or keeping the power on.

Relying on these power companies to help millions of American’s during these difficult times is hopeful but unlikely.

Who can we turn to for help?

In the Senate, there has been a resolution proposed by eight members that would prevent any household from losing electricity during the crisis. This has not made any traction and the hopes that it will are uncertain.

If the profit-hungry energy companies refuse to make any accommodations and the government won’t step up to support us then where should the American people turn for support during these tough times?

The virus has sent our nation spiraling into an unforeseen energy crisis.

But the war isn't lost for the ordinary consumer. Thankfully, clever new technology can help average consumers reduce their electric bills by up to 90% month after month!

During this crisis, this new device may be the only salvation for millions of Americans struggling to keep the lights on.

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*Source(Energy helpline suggests bills could increase by as much as 30%)

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BREAKING: Can This Genius New Tech Undercut Big Solar?

It’s no secret that solar powered energy alternatives are on the rise each year …

But thanks to new Nikola Tesla-inspired technology, consumers now have a less expensive option available.

Some studies project, globally, the solar energy market will reach $223 billion by 2026*.

By then Mexico’s solar powered initiatives are projected to grow by a compounded annual growth rate of 17.3%, China by 23.2% and India by 25.2%* (*source: ).

In the last decade, solar has experienced an average annual growth rate of 48% in the U.S., alone* (source: ).

Most of the U.S. growth is thanks in part to strong federal policies like the solar Investment Tax Credit, rapidly declining costs for materials, and increasing demand across the private and public sector for clean electricity.

Like most trends with upward momentum, clear market adoption, and no signs of slowing down, disruption usually comes out of nowhere from the least expected places...

Thanks to a new Nikola Tesla-inspired technology (yes, the same one to rival Thomas Edison), the solar-powered market growth might be, unexpectedly, cut short. A new device that offers the same benefits for a fraction of the costs has arrived on the market.

Why is that disruptive?

While personal solar power infrastructures cost about $18,000, which is still lower from the $40,000 personal price tags folks were seeing a decade ago, it’s still rather expensive for the vast majority of people to enjoy and benefit from.

This new device, which you’ll learn more about in a minute, is:

  • Easier to produce
  • Takes less time
  • Less Energy
  • Less Effort to bring to the masses
  • Offers the same attractive cost savings benefits fueling the growth of the solar-powered market

Why is This a Threat to Big Solar?

If everyone can have the same effective and efficient rewards from Big Solar without the big costs and time lags to get them, why wouldn’t they go with that alternative?

While it would still take a bit of time for word to spread, once people see the device in action and they realize they can have all the same cost savings benefits big solar promises, but without big, bulky and costly big solar infrastructure, it’s only a matter of time before the rest of the market takes notice.

As with any new technology, once we’re all past the skepticism stage, the next thing you can expect is a lot of pushback and complaints from those being disrupted.

Just like Uber didn’t change how we travel, it simply made the experience more affordable and efficient, still the taxi industry was up in arms trying to figure out different ways to stop Uber’s growth.

You know why the taxi powers didn’t succeed?

The market wanted and could clearly see the benefits the alternative, Uber, provided. That’s exactly the same scenario you’ll see playing out here with this new technology versus the solar giants (just another modern day David and Goliath story).

If a company can give everyone everything that they want, and make it affordable for all, everyone wins.

With that being said, please allow us to introduce you to EcoTec, an inexpensive gadget that helps you not only lower your electric bill, but can also increase the lifespan on expensive household appliances. Within just one month, the savings enjoyed by owning the device pays for itself.

What is This Device?

Developed by an innovative German-based startup company, EcoTec is actually the brainchild created by none other than the legendary Serbian-American inventor, accomplished electrical and mechanical engineer, notable futurist, Nikola Tesla.

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