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The Reliable, Sustainable and Failure-Proof Way to Achieve Your Health and Weight-Loss Goals

Large health problems, like diabetes and cancer don’t happen overnight.

It takes years of micro habits and daily decisions to build up those issues over years.

These issues don’t go away quickly either. It turns out that large, one-time health interventions are both expensive and ineffective.

The good news is that you can reverse the ‘slow and steady’ approach to help prevent these problems.

Knowledge is Power

How much knowledge do you have about your own health?

Do you know yourself—your body, your behaviors, your health markers, inside out?

If you do, you are able to detect and stop serious health issues before they grow and become untreatable.

  • Do you want to be more active?
  • Do you want to increase the number of steps you take every day?
  • Do you want to get better sleep?
  • Do you want to eat fewer calories and less sugar?

If you answered “Yes’ to any of those questions, you need to understand the Hawthorne Effect and how it can help you change your life.

The Hawthorne Effect is a rule of psychology that states ‘people modify their behavior when they know they’re being observed.’

Here’s a simpler explanation:

Anything that is measured and watched, improves.”

– Bob Parsons, founder of GoDaddy.

In basic terms, tracking will change your behavior.

Of course, you can get a doctor or fitness trainer to track all your health behaviors for you. Or you can do it yourself… if you have the right tools.

Food journals and pedometers are great but you have access to much more advanced tools these days.

Why does smart health technology drastically increase your chances of getting to your ideal weight?

1. Accountability

Opinions can vary. Mirrors don’t always tell the true story. But numbers don’t lie. They’re real and they’re trackable. And when you see those figures trending in the right direction you know you are on the way to a healthier you.

2. Motivation

Progress = hope and happiness. When you make some lifestyle changes, you don't know for sure if what you’re doing is working. If you have no feedback, you’re more likely to become demoralized and quit.

3. Daily Reminders

Life gets busy for all of us. We forget our goals and promises we make to ourselves. But when you are reminded daily, even hourly, you are more likely to change your behaviors.

Be More Mindful of Your Health Choices

Measuring makes you more mindful of your decisions. The decision to park right outside the door or further away so you can walk. The decision to eat the last donut or not. All these micro decisions make up your health profile.

Tracking makes you more aware.

Without it you’re on autopilot.

If you want to improve your finances, you track your spending and analyze it at the end of the month. The data will tell you about your behavior and you’ll find easy ways to cut your spending.

You can do the same with your health behaviors.

Of course, you could carry around a pen and paper. But you need something that takes no time and fits into a modern lifestyle. Something that keeps tabs, organizes all the information for you to look at later.

That’s how you get the whole picture. A blood test only gives you a snapshot of one variable in your body, on that day. But to notice patterns and make changes, you need to collect at least a month of data.

In the past, doing this was expensive. A bone density scan will cost you around $300. To test one blood marker will cost you $100. A full blood profile will set you back around $3000.

Want to Get Instant Feedback on Any Lifestyle Changes You Make?

Did you drink more water today? Did you go to bed 30 minutes earlier? Did you take 1000 extra steps today?

You can know for yourself if these had any effect. There’s no need to consult experts. There’s no need to go searching for more information. Your body knows best. And it’s through numbers that your body can communicate with you. You can have this data at your fingertips.

Being overweight carries risks of heart disease and diabetes. According to the UK Government Health Board, an overweight person is 3 times more likely to become a type-2 diabetic.

Introducing the FitTrack Dara Smart Body Scale

The Dara Scale measures your fat mass, muscle mass, bone mass, weight, hydration and 17 more health vitals. The problem is that regular scales only give you a bodyweight reading. A smart scale can tell you your body fat percentage, your body composition, and your bone density.

Weight is not the same as health. For example, you can lose body fat and gain muscle but the number on the scale stays the same.

Old body scales gave inaccurate readings but the Dara Smart Scale is accurate to the nearest 300 grams.

Take Your Tracking to the Next Level

By pairing the Dara Smart Body Scale with the Atria SmartWatch you can become aware of extra factors such as:

Your Sleep — studies show that sleep-deprived people find it harder to lose weight.

Your Mental State — do you eat when you are stressed? Bored? Knowing your triggers is half the battle.

Your Activity Level — How much are you really moving every day? The actual numbers will shock you.

The Atria Smart Watch helps you know in real time if you are moving towards better health and vitality.

If you are diabetic, you can use the Dara Scales and Atria Watch to set S.M.A.R.T goals for yourself:

  • Make sure you eat at regular times to avoid becoming too hungry
  • Increase your activity levels through the day
  • Remind yourself to check your blood sugar levels at specific times of the day

Track Your Children’s Growth and Health Too

The Dara Smart Scales are family-friendly: you can track the stats of up to 8 people at one time.


The watch and scales sync with your smartphone in less than five minutes. Both the Atria Watch and Dara Scales are compatible with Android and iOS.

Lifetime Warranty

We promise to repair any fault or replace any defective product for as long as you remain a customer.

We are currently offering a ‘Starter Pack’ package that includes the Dara Smart Scale and the Atria Watch for only $209—Free Shipping Included.

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