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Dear Reader,

Ever wanted to be a day trader?

Maybe you’ve heard stories: somebody quits their job, starts day trading, and makes way more money than they ever did at their old job.

It’s exciting. It’s kinda like a game. And yes: if you’re good at it, you can make a ton of money.

At a regular job, you get paid for your time — meaning you can only make more money if you work harder.

But as a day trader, you don’t get paid for your time. You make a good decision, and you could make a lot of money, fast.

In fact, there are day traders who make hundreds of thousands of dollars in just a few days. (Or sometimes even just a few hours.)

So Why Doesn’t Everyone Do It?

Well... to put it simply, it’s hard.

To be a great trader, you have to constantly be doing research. You have to figure out what trades to make and when.

You have to stay on top of markets: if you hear about something just a few minutes too late, you could miss out on huge profits.

And if you make a bad decision, it could cost you — big time.

To be a great trader, you have to have:

  1. Discipline
  2. Patience
  3. Great Instincts
  4. Endless Free Time

The problem is, most people only have 1 or 2 of those things... it’s the rare trader that has all 4.

So simply put, human beings just aren’t very good at trading. That means most day traders are basically throwing darts at a wall — and they’re just as likely to lose big as they are to win big.

Fortunately for us, that makes it a lot easier for a different type of trader to make a killing in the markets...

So What If I Don’t Have The Skills To Be A Day Trader?

Well, once upon a time, we’d tell you not to quit your day job.

But you’re lucky. You found this website at the exact right moment in time.

Why is right now, June of 2021, the perfect time to get into day trading? Well, it has to do with a technology we invented.

Until recently, the technology didn’t even exist.

And soon, everyone will be using it... meaning profits in day trading will go to zero.

What’s the new technology?

It’s an artificial intelligence that places trades for you.

Our machines learn what’s profitable and what isn’t. And then they make profitable trades.

It’s as simple as that.

Even better, it takes all the pressure off your shoulders. Your role goes from active trader, spending hours researching and poring through data, to passive subscriber who makes money just by sipping coffee and reading the newspaper.

Why We Trade Forex Instead Of Stocks (And Why It’s Easier To Make Money In Forex)

What should you trade, though?

Well, trading stocks is tough. Tons of smart people get paid 6-figure salaries to pore over every little detail of every company out there — so chances are, if there’s easy money out there, someone else has already found it.

If you’re looking to get into trading, try Forex instead. (Forex stands for “Foreign Exchange” — meaning currencies.)

It’s pretty similar to trading stocks, only you’re competing with way fewer Wall Street masterminds.

Who are you competing with? You’re competing with “dumb money” — money that’s not even in the market to win.

Big companies place big foreign exchange orders all the time — but they’re not trying to beat the market. They’re just trying to swap one currency for another so they can pay their employees in their local currency, or place big overseas orders.

Those orders make up the vast majority of Forex trades... meaning prices shift based more on what big companies are doing than what traders are doing.

In Forex, there’s a ton of dumb money out there... meaning smart traders (or, traders using algorithms) can make a killing.

How It Works

Most financial AI systems make trades based on what’s been profitable in the past.

The problem is, the future isn’t always like the past — especially in markets. If a stock’s been going up, that doesn’t mean it’ll keep going up.

(Think housing prices: in the early 2000’s they kept going up, people thought they’d go up forever... and then POP! All of a sudden, they tanked.)

Instead of looking at the past, we look at movements in the markets. When something starts moving in the right direction, we snap it up.

We also use what’s called a “mean reversion” strategy: if a trade starts moving in the wrong direction, we cut our losses right away — and often we don’t lose anything. And we win way more often than we lose.

So Why Do We Need You?

Truth be told, we don’t need you.

But we’ve built something we’re pretty proud of here. And we thought we’d give others a chance to go on this adventure with us.

Plus, we’ve been beating the market. We think we can continue to beat the market. And we can do that without spending countless hours reading books and news about Forex. If you want to come on board, we’d love to have you!

About Future Funded

We’re a couple of Forex traders — and we realized: why are we doing all the work ourselves when an algorithm could do it a thousand times better?

That’s why we created Future Funded.

We’ve spent countless time and effort (and needless to say, a lot of money) coming up with the best possible automated trading strategies, so you don’t have to.

Future Funded does all the work for you: your trades are totally automated — meaning you can trade more profitably, and you can trade without doing any of the grunt work.

In other words: you just subscribe, and your money’s invested. You don’t do any work at all.

And because the rest of the world still doesn’t know about our algorithm, you can make way higher returns than you can by playing stocks, or by putting your money in a bank...

How Much More?

Well, since we launched in November, our algorithm is up 44.1%.

To put that in perspective — investing in US Treasury bonds usually returns about 3%, and the stock market averages around 7-8%... and that’s in an entire year. We’ve managed to beat that 6 times over, and we still have 4 months to go!

Alright, I’m Interested. What Are The Next Steps?

Want to start trading currencies? Here’s what to do next:

  1. Watch our videos, and learn more about us.
  2. Once you’re there, click “Start Now” to sign up.
  3. Start your 30-day free trial!

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