This video sales letter (VSL) was targeted at those looking to lose weight.

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Stop “trying harder” to lose weight.

It won’t work.

Until you detox the toxins out of your body, it won’t matter how many calories you count, or how many steps you take per day.

It’s THE secret to effortless weight loss, and if you stick with me to the end of this video, I’ll share it with you...

But first, let me ask a couple of questions:

  • Can you pinch much more than an inch on your hips?
  • Do you suffer from low energy when you wake up, during the day, and feel sleepy in the evenings?

Sound familiar?

Want to hear something else that sounds familiar?

This: “You should be eating more fruits and vegetables.”

Of course, we all know this.

But why don’t we do it then?

Answer: time and hassle. Going to the grocery store and back, peeling and chopping all those fruits and veggies, blitzing them in a juicer or blender, cleaning up the big mess you’ve made…

That stuff can take a whole afternoon. And when you’re done, what do you have? A green drink that looks like swamp water and tastes even worse.

Not a good ROI for all the time and effort you put in, right?

That murky green juice is doing you good but…

Who wants to go through all that effort?

Life’s too short: we want to spend time with our families, progress in our careers, eat out with our friends, and generally live the good life…

Aaanndd have excellent health. We just don’t want to dedicate our lives to it.

But listen, what if you could enjoy your life and be in peak physical health from ingesting pounds of fruit and vegetables every day?...

... in just 30 seconds per day!

At [Redacted], we’ve sourced the freshest ingredients and most powerful superfoods on the planet…

And we’ve packed it into the easiest, most convenient, and most delicious powdered green drink you’ve ever tried.

So if you want to say goodbye to that layer of fat that’s been a permanent resident around your waist for the past few years…

And you want the unlimited energy to squeeze the juice out of every day of your life…

Just click on the link below to order 1 month’s supply of [Redacted].

Still not sure?

OK, let me make this a no-brainer for you...

Here’s our guarantee policy: test this powerful blend of greens and superfoods for 2 months.

And if you want your money back for ANY REASON…

Just send back the empty bottle and you’ll be refunded in full. No questions asked.

Simple and ZERO risks. For 60 days.

You have nothing to lose but 30 seconds a day and the fat around your waist.

Invest in your most important assets today: your health.

Click on the link below, place your secure order, and we’ll ship your package within 24 business hours.

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