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This 3-part email campaign was sent to new leads generated from a landing page we created for the client.

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Email 1 (Thanks for requesting a quote, here's what happens next ...)

Subject: Your quote for sales training…

Hi (Insert name),

Thanks for requesting a tailored quote for sales training from Impel Dynamic.

All of our programmes are unique. That is, their design only starts with full knowledge of what your company wants to achieve with the training, what the makeup of your sales team is, and what their relative strengths and weaknesses are.

Nothing is pre-packaged or off the shelf. That means we will need to gather a little more information from you before we can provide a meaningful quote.

So, [Name] will give you a call within the next 24 hours to gather more information and then we can provide an indicative quote for you.

If that is acceptable, we will move forward with a more in-depth analysis of your organisation and your people by beginning the needs assessment process. Then your training programme will start to take shape.

With your motivation to improve your team’s sales skills and our 25 years’ experience in helping organisations do just that, we’re sure it’s a recipe for success.

Over the next few days, I will send you a couple more emails that should answer a few more of your questions…

In the meantime, we look forward to talking to you very soon!


Email 2: (Case study)

Subject: Are you looking for more sales deals like SES?

Hi (Insert name),

Great to catch up for the chat recently. We gathered some really useful information during the call and hopefully, you now have an indication of the investment required in a training programme that will meet the needs of your sales team.

As you consider the way forward, I thought you’d be interested in how our unique approach to sales training helped another organisation in similar shoes.

A few years ago, we started working with SES, a large and well-established satellite and telecommunications company based in Luxemburg.

They engaged us in two main areas:

  1. To facilitate their annual sales kick-off, which brought together 100 people from a variety of locations, and drive collaboration, action, and implementation.
  2. To set up the Inside Sales function within the company from concept to implementation - with a six-month training and engagement plan to follow it.

The outcome has been so successful that we still work with SES today. Here’s what the client says about us:

“The foundation that Impel gave us made sure this function was successful. Today we drive multi-million dollar deals out of our Inside Sales function that were largely discarded beforehand.
From the first engagement with the team at Impel Dynamic, it is clear that they do things in a different way to vendors we had used before. They worked incredibly hard to truly understand our requirements, our market, our business and importantly our people before they went into delivery. The result is that Impel felt part of our business and shared our passion for success. I thoroughly enjoy working with the team and come highly recommended.”

As SES says, we do things differently. It all starts with what you need – and we build it from there.

So, if you’d like to move ahead with the next part of the process – the needs assessment – just give me a call on [number] and we can take it from there.

Talk soon!

Email 3 (FAQs)

Subject: Need to train your sales team virtually?

Hi (Insert name),

Just a reminder (now you have your indicative quotation) that we’re ready when you are to move on to the needs assessment stage of designing your sales training programme.

In this email, I just wanted to quickly address a couple of FAQs we get asked by prospective clients.

Can you deliver the programmes online?

Yes! All programmes can now be delivered virtually – so if you have been forced to move to a remote working setup with your salesforce and other team members, it needn’t impact the development of your organisation.

With Impel Dynamic, we now design all programmes for online delivery using the latest video conferencing technology. This has been so successful that many clients now choose this over in-person delivery.

What follow-up do you provide to ensure the skills are actually used?

We’ve all been to workshops where we’re taught new skills that are promptly forgotten as we return to old habits as soon as we leave the training room.

That’s no use to anyone.

The follow-up process is so integral to getting results that we won’t deliver a programme without it.

Stage three of our programme is “implementation and follow-up” which can mean:

  • Agreed personalised and measurable action plans
  • Field support or recorded simulations
  • Blended learning to meet core objectives

It’s all about results. Without successful implementation and follow-up, there will be no change to the results you’ve been getting in the past. Again – no use to anyone!

If you’re ready to get started on your programme, give me a call on [number] and we can take it from there.