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I never imagined I could really change my life for the better …

In fact, I’d all but given up on achieving my goal of shedding the unsightly extra pounds that have plagued me since my early teens. And yes, I’ve been called all sorts of nasty names – ‘that fat girl’, even ‘lard-bucket’ – I’ve heard them all. Then the unthinkable happened … nothing bad. No, quite the opposite; for once fate seemed to be on my side … And I just had to share my incredible experience with all you ladies out there struggling with obesity or genetically prone to excess weight. But first things first.

The truth is I’ve tried just about every weight loss product and slimming supplement available on the market. And followed just about every crazy diet fad. But while a few worked in the short-term, all the weight I shed invariably came piling back on after a few months. Leaving me feeling depressed and utterly defeated. All that the self-inflicted starvation and empty promises “of losing weight without cutting down on food” amounted to were extra unwanted pounds. And a plummeting self-esteem.

Even my attempts at attending the local gym were an epic fail. Given that I was 200 lbs. (90 kg) at the time, I felt like the Michelin (wo)man; clumsy, red-faced and always out-of-breath. While I did eventually lose about 17lbs (8 kg), I was still far from my goal weight of 145 lbs. (66 kg). And to be honest, I couldn’t see much difference in my body shape when I looked in the mirror. It seemed I might never beat the challenge of my excess weight, physically or emotionally. And was all but resigned to live out the remainder of my days as another would-be Bridget Jones doomed forever to wearing loose-fitting fat pants and oversized T-shirts with no real life to speak of.

I mean, all I wanted was to look slender and attractive. And feel confident about my body and myself. Was it really that much to ask for? So, in a last-ditch effort to banish my stubborn wobbles and multiplying muffin tops, I decided to attend a talk by the local gym owner aimed at people – read “fatties” – like me … And that’s when the turning point in my fight against fat came about …

The gym owner, Thomas, was fit – oh yes – but obviously also passionate about helping all of us with our collective weight issues. I could hardly believe it when he told us that he’d also been a chubby kid and knew what it was like to be teased, bullied and laughed at because of his weight, especially when he told his classmates that his dream was to be a body builder. And it seemed, just like many of us, that he’d tried a load of different weight loss supplements, slimming aids and off-the-wall diets.

He told us why you shouldn’t believe all the trumped-up promises made by the majority of weight loss products, adding that most don’t contain the healthiest ingredients. And can even have pretty unpleasant side effects.

He also explained that losing weight involves more than just eating less and exercising more. And that people who regularly take weight loss products develop what’s known as a “tolerance build-up”. Meaning our bodies become resistant to the effects of a substance after repeated use, and this includes the ingredients in most slimming supplements and diet aids. In other words, when we take these products on a regular basis, the same dose produces less effect than it used to. And eventually the effect wears off altogether. The result? Your weight loss is halted in its tracks.

Thomas explained how [Product Name] represented a whole new approach to losing weight and boosting your health by preventing this tolerance build-up. How it has been scientifically developed to challenge your body’s metabolism. And formulated in just the right dosage so your body is unable to get accustomed to it over time.

Simply put, he said, the [Product Name] solution works because it splits weight loss into three stages, starting with a system detox, and followed by an Enhanced Weight Loss formula which combines two of the most potent fat burning ingredients available today: Green Coffee Bean and Raspberry Ketones. This Enhanced Weight Loss formula also acts as an appetite suppressant by tricking the hunger centre of your brain to feel full, while blocking fats and carbs from being deposited in your body. And when you reach stage three, the Weight Loss Maintenance formula helps to keep your metabolism going at an accelerated rate, especially helpful for getting rid of that stubborn belly fat. And preventing that all-too familiar yo-yo effect. What’s more [Product Name]'s perfectly balanced formulas are made using only premium quality all-natural ingredients so there’s no risk of nasty side effects.

When combined with physical exercise, [Product Name] really helps you lose weight quickly and easily. Thomas showed us photos of how he’d looked before he’d started taking [Product Name].

And his after image was there for all of us to see. I was shaken to say the least, as well as inspired. Everything he said made sense to me. For the first time, I understood why all the other diets and supplements I’d tried so far had failed after just a few months.

And why exercise alone was never going to be enough to help me gain my ideal body weight or shape.

Afterwards, we talked for a long time about diets, training, and lifestyle in general.

I told him his talk had truly been an eye-opener for me, and said I was definitely going to give [Product Name] a try. So, I placed my order the very next day and three days later received my [Product Name] introductory kit which included: my FREE 30-day supply of [Product Name] Stage One Detox formula; the Stage Two Enhanced Weight Loss formula; plus, a FREE Ebook. And for all you ladies out there who don’t have a “Thomas” on hand to coach you, [Product Name] even gives you access to a Complementary Nutrition Coach who you can call at any time for nutritional advice.

I am now describing the amazing results I achieved by taking [Product Name] while training – with Thomas’ guidance – over the course of two-and-a-half months. I didn’t expect to notice any results so fast, but after the first week I already began to feel the difference in my body. My energy levels were on the up, I was no longer constantly hungry. And for the first time in like forever, I felt motivated and focused. But the scales never lie – in the course of a week I’d lost 11 lbs. (5 Kg). After two weeks, I was down to 172 lbs. (78 Kg).

After just one month, I felt fitter and stronger and able do more physically than before, even though the training was getting more intense. And my cravings for junk food had all but disappeared. Within three months – a lot sooner than I thought possible – I’d achieved my ultimate weight loss goal and dropped an impressive 59 lbs. (27 Kg). Three times more than I’d achieved during my previous visits to the gym.

Simply put, [Product Name] helped me to turn my life around. My current weight is 145 lbs. (66 kg), and with the help of [Product Name]’s Weight Loss Maintenance formula I’ve been at this point for nearly six months. Not only do I look great. I’m no longer constantly plagued by negative thoughts or self-consciousness. I’m also sleeping better. Feeling more relaxed, alert and confident. And my attitude to life in general is genuinely positive. Best of all, what started out as friendship – with Thomas – blossomed into a full-blown romance.

And just two weeks ago, we tied the knot. I can only say I looked “absolutely fabulous” in my wedding dress. All thanks to one evening and the power of [Product Name].

Now I truly believe I have the chance to live life on my terms; Bridget Jones eat your heart out. And I just know [Product Name] can help you restore your belief in a brighter, skinnier future. So, what are you waiting for. Say goodbye to calorie counting, crazy diets and ineffective weight loss products. Place your order today. And change your life for the better with your FREE 30-day supply of [Product Name] Stage One Detox formula.