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Macorva Email Nurture Series 1-3

Email 1: Introducing problem/solution

Subject: How can you close the “feedback loop”?

Hi (Insert name),

Are you getting the actionable feedback you need to improve your organization – or leaving the satisfaction of your employees and customers to guesswork?

Whether you supervise client-facing or employee-facing roles, positive change in organizations usually depends on addressing the needs of our internal and external “customers”. 

The most successful organizations create change according to the needs of both. The evolving thoughts and opinions of these “customers” matter — and should influence how we shape our organizations.

So why is that not happening more?

Many SMEs run surveys to gather feedback. It’s a start but does it provide what they need to make key strategic decisions? 

4 out of 5 companies do not see positive results from surveys

Did you know that 4 out of 5 companies do not see a positive result from employee engagement surveys?

Frequently, organizations gather responses and do not translate them into actionable results. 

There’s a “gap” between feedback results and real-world change. Effectively, it’s only touching the surface of what a proper feedback solution should do and the resulting gap can have serious consequences. 

For HR, a failure to act can lead to:

  • Poor manager effectiveness and employee morale

  • High employee turnover

  • Lack of productivity

For customer service and marketing executives, this can lead to:

  • Excessive client churn

  • Getting left behind by competitors

  • Lack of understanding of the customer journey

So, how do we get the data we need, and once we have it... what do we do? Fortunately, the technology is out there to close the feedback loop…

Introducing Macorva’s AI-driven feedback solution

Macorva is an AI-based solution that creates a new feedback paradigm by helping you not only gather the data you need but automatically act on it too. 

We empower you to close the gap between collecting results and converting them into positive actions:

  • Streamlined, engaging surveys that empower employees and customers to share detailed experiences in seconds.

  • People-oriented results that drive action at every level of the organization, from the individual contributor up to the CEO.

  • Intuitive dashboards that unite results from employee surveys, 360° feedback, and customer experiences.

  • Artificial intelligence that connects employees with action items curated to their feedback trends.

Macorva is the only survey/feedback provider that closes the feedback loop with AI and machine learning.

Over the coming weeks and months, I’d like to tell you more about the Macorva feedback solution– starting with why we intend to make traditional surveys a thing of the past (in the next email).

That will be with you soon.

Till then


PS. If you’d like to skip the email series and go straight to a demo of the platform, feel free to schedule your demo here.


Email 2: Problem/solution 2

More about how the solution solves the main pain points for customers and employees and setting expectations for the email series ahead.

Subject: Why are your surveys and feedback systems not working?

Hi (Insert name),

Do you run employee and/or customer surveys that gather mountains of data but never seem to help employees, customers or managers?

In our first email earlier this week, we touched on how surveys are essentially useless without actionable data and how our AI-based feedback solution changes that. 

Let’s take a closer look at why traditional survey systems rarely work and what we do to address it.

Your surveys and feedback systems are not working because…

Surveys are tools, not solutions.

If you’re trying to solve major organizational problems like high employee turnover, low engagement or high customer churn (without knowing the reason why), you need more than mere tools.

Sending out surveys and collecting results in pretty dashboards is all well and good but they do not lead to better outcomes. 

  • What actions do you take as a result of the data? 

  • Can employees and customers see that their opinions really do matter?

  • Are you implementing suggestions/recommendations?

  • How does it improve your organization with real-world actions/results?

Most companies send out surveys and gather the results but don’t complete the final step to close the feedback loop: they do not connect the results from surveys to actions. 

So, they end up with piles of essentially useless data and, more importantly, the same problems continue in their organizations.

Make feedback results actionable with a real-world solution

We developed Macorva not only to simplify complex data but to use AI and machine learning to make results clear and actionable.

So, customers and employees still provide their feedback with easy-to-use tools but we back it up with a full solution that addresses important real-world challenges:

  1. We capture experiences as data from customers and employees

  2. Every employee and manager receives personalized recommended actions to address the feedback relating to their role

  3. Employees implement these actions and we track the outcomes to learn which actions have the highest impact at each company

Ultimately, this allows Macorva to help HR teams to:

  • Improve manager effectiveness

  • Raise employee morale and reduce employee turnover

  • Increase productivity among employees

We also help customer service and marketing executives to:

  • Reduce client churn

  • Steal a march on competitors

  • Understand the customer journey and adjust systems accordingly

We’ll be looking at this in more detail in later emails. In the next one, you can find out more about who we are and why we are qualified to assist you in making strategic decisions that prepare your organization for the future.

Talk soon,


PS. Feel free to “shortcut” this email series by scheduling a free demo of the system and seeing for yourself how it can help solve your problems.


Email 3: Who are we? (Credibility)

Summarize background and history, beliefs, and how they help. Not just paying lip service to “EX” CX@, or employee wellness.

Developed the Macorva system specifically to address shortcomings in how employees (and now customers) provide feedback – starting with a genuine DEI culture.

Subject: When is feedback a life-or-death issue?

Hi (Insert name),

Calling feedback a “life-or-death issue” would be overstating it for most organizations. But not for the founders of Macorva.

In the last email, we looked at how the AI-powered Macorva platform outdoes traditional surveys because it is not just a feedback tool – it is a complete feedback solution that demands action.

That’s because it was designed that way by necessity…

Who are we?

Nathan and Carley Childress previously ran Mobius Medical Systems, developing medical software to ensure the safety of radiation therapy treatments for cancer patients. 

Their work effectively changed the landscape with software that was both user-friendly and actionable, ultimately ensuring the safe delivery of over one million treatments in over one thousand clinics across the globe. 

Its development relied heavily on user experience (UX) feedback:

“Where we come from, user experience is a life-or-death issue. At our first company, we developed expertise in simplifying complex data to make results clear and actionable.”

Carley Childress, Founder & CEO

When Mobius was acquired, Nathan and Carley moved from an organization of 40 people to one with 7,000 employees overnight.

In this larger corporate world. they saw that business leaders were highly invested in solving employee and customer problems, but weren’t able to bridge the gap between feedback and action with conventional tools.

Nathan and Carley saw firsthand how productivity and quality suffered when managers were not on the same page as their employees and customers. The mountains of data collected by antiquated employee and customer surveys weren't helping employees, customers, or managers. Company leaders needed actionable data.

So, they built Macorva in 2018 to close this gap and empower action at every level to improve business performance, employee engagement and organizational culture.

A real commitment to people 

At Macorva, we believe that all people should feel respected, valued, represented and supported. They are our most important resource and we need to understand them.

We commit to living these values and not just seeing them as a “nice to have” or paying “lip service” to them.

There is no greater commitment to people than acting on their feedback to make improvements for their benefit — precisely the action that the Macorva platform drives within organizations. 

The feedback data, recommended actions and implementation that follows create the type of customer and employee experiences that lie at the heart of successful organizations.

That’s why over 400 organizations from all types of industries around the U.S. have implemented the Macorva feedback solution to date — a number that is growing quickly.

In the next email, we’ll take a closer look at how the platform works.

However, if you’d like a free demo of the platform and see how it works for yourself, you can skip the following emails and schedule your demo here instead.

Talk soon,