My Mortgage Sorted wanted to improve the conversion rate on their advertorial, so came to us to perform a CRO Audit. We ran a number of user tests and created a report with our recommendations.

My Mortgage Sorted made some of the recommended changes to their landing page and saw an immediate improvement to their conversion rate.

Boosted by this success, they then asked us to redesign the page, which resulted in a further 31% increase in their conversion rate.

See below for the user testing report, A/B test results, and the before and after designs.


For: Max Lonsdale, My Mortgage Sorted

By: David Crowther

Date: Friday, 24 June 2022

5 user testing videos

You can watch each video from the links below, as well as view their questions and answers in the right-hand column:

Issues Recommendations
One initial impression was that the service was for remortgaging your current home rather than remortgaging your investment property — this could be because of the photo of the family. Use a more appropriate photo like an image of a house with a businessman or foreman. Example:
There was concern about receiving unsolicited emails if they entered their email address. Try adding explanation text next to the form field, that explains what the email address will be used for (and not used for).
2 out of 5 people had difficulty with the "Yes, I Consent" tick box when submitting the form. Can you replace the tick box with a statement like: “By clicking on the button below, I consent to My Mortgage Sorted handling my data ... etc”
The amateur design of the page does not inspire confidence. People subconsciously relate a amateur design with a amateur company. Redesign the page with a more professional design. I would also look at updating the logo — you can do this easily using a template from
The font size on mobiles may be difficult to read — especially for those over the age of 40 whose sight may be deteriorating. Increase font size on mobile view — especially headlines which will make them stand out more.
The photo of the family does not seem relevant to property investing and may be misleading. Use a more appropriate photo like an image of a house with a businessman or foreman.
A section of the page is quite text heavy which may reduce readability. More formatting (shorter paragraphs, bullet points, etc) could be added to the layout of the text, to make it easier to read and skippable.
Inconsistent claims: 14 days vs 21 days Providing consistent and realistic figures (odd numbers) helps authenticity and should improve trust.
It would be useful to see analytics on how many people are clicking through to the quiz by clicking on the "select your age" section, or the "select your location" section, instead of clicking on the Check Your Eligibility button Test removing these other “options”, to see if conversions increase.
There are privacy concerns when asked to enter postcode. Would it be possible to enter your town or county instead of your postcode in the quiz? This may help with privacy concerns and increase conversions.
What sophistication level are your target prospects? Are they knowledgeable property investors, or beginners? Should you be explaining the benefits of remortgaging your investment property?
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