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Date: 8 September 2021

Your user testing report for RAA consists of the following:

  1. 5 user testing videos

  2. My recommendations

  3. My notes

5 user testing videos

You can watch each video from the links below, as well as view their questions and answers in the right-hand column:

Video 1:

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You can download the videos here. [link removed]

My recommendations

Main issues raised by the test:

  1. There was initial confusion in what RAA was selling due to the site wide navigation in the header and footer sections.

  2. There was not enough information about the Solar and Battery Storage products and services provided by RAA.

  3. Users were wanting or expecting to see an immediate quote or pricing details, and were hesitant about filling out the enquiry form for fear of being contacted by a salesperson, as at this stage they were looking to get an idea on prices and shop around to compare services.

  4. The biggest hesitation before purchasing was the initial cost involved and how long it would take to recuperate those costs.

Recommended actions:

  1. Make it clearer in the website's main navigation that you are in the Solar and Battery Storage section of the website

  2. Change the tag line from “RAA is helping to make solar simple” which is fluff and nondescript to something like “Save money on your electricity bill by installing solar on your home” which clearly defines what visitors can expect from this page.

  3. Provide more information about Solar and Battery Storage Products and services, including details on the solar and battery products used, and the services that RAA provide in terms of installation and ongoing support.

  4. Following on from the point above, include the FAQ from as part of the main Solar and Battery Storage page.

  5. Provide a price calculator that allows visitors to enter their data and be provided with a total cost vs monthly cost for installing solar and/or batteries. The calculator should also display the time it takes to recoup the initial cost from installing solar.

  6. If a price calculator is not possible, then I recommend displaying prices of your products and services.

  7. If displaying prices it's not possible, did I recommend reducing the number of fields in the enquiry form, and making it clear what to expect when they fill out the form.

My notes


  • The website was perceived as slow. It was commented on again when compared to a competitor's website.

  • RAA does not have enough information about the product and service compared to the competitor websites.

  • RAA needs to use the fact that they are a large company to their advantage in terms of reliability and trustworthiness, and hopefully quality of product and service, but they also need to keep the Solar and Battery Storage section dedicated to Solar and Battery Storage so as not to confuse the users, to appear that they are serious about this part of their business, and it's not just an afterthought. This means things like a dedicated Solar and Battery Storage menu and fewer links to other parts of the RAA website.

  • Users get confused when trying to associate the Membership link in the main menu with the Solar and Battery Storage products. This is another example of why the Solar and Battery Storage section should be more isolated from the rest of the site.

  • Display case studies or testimonials of how other people saved money by installing solar. This also provides social proof (reassurance that other people also brought this).

Enquiry form:

  • The user was expecting to receive an immediate quote when they filled out the enquiry form.

  • Users were expecting their address to be automatically populated when filling out the form.

  • When the user selected batteries only (as they already have solar panels), the enquiry form did not ask how many solar panels they currently have, which must be important when working out how many batteries they will need?

  • The form asks for too many details. Is all this information required? What is the minimum about of information the sales people need when they call?

  • It needs to be clearer on the "Thank you" page what the next steps are. For example, if they did not leave their phone number, it should not talk about someone calling them.


  • One of the competitor websites showed pricing on the page, which the user appreciated.

  • User liked the competitor AGL as they offered monthly payments at no interest.

  • User's biggest hesitation before purchasing was the initial cost involved and how long it would take to recuperate those costs.

  • The user searched for a way to purchase the solar panels and was frustrated that there was no ability to purchase on the site.

  • Some competitors are offering an instant quote when the visitors fill out the quote form.

  • Showing monthly payment options was attractive to the users.

  • Providing a price calculator rather than a quote form feels "less committing" to the user, while also providing valuable information.

  • User worried that when a website doesn't display their prices, that they will get a call from a very demanding salesperson if they fill out the enquiry form.

  • When a user added another (unrelated) product to the cart, they wondered why they were showed two different prices depending on if they were a member or not.