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I wrote a series of emails for a client in the Social Security market.

In total there were 26 emails in this autoresponder series targeting those who had signed up for a free report. Below are the first three emails.

  • Strategy
  • Copywriting

Email 1

Subject: Avoid the Top 10 Social Security Mistakes

Dear [First name]

Thanks for signing up to receive the Top 10 Social Security Mistakes report.

Hopefully you’ll take away some strategies that will serve you well for retirement and ensure you’re not leaving money on the table like many Americans.

Another tip as you plan ahead is to clear your debt before reaching full retirement age.

Why? Because Social Security payments can be taken by the state for unpaid federal taxes, child support, alimony or unpaid student loans. Make sure you have all these paid up to avoid a chunk of your retirement money being lost.

Over the next couple of weeks you will be receiving more advice and tips on financial matters by email. You can unsubscribe at anytime by clicking on the “Unsubscribe” button at the bottom of this email.

[Client name]

Email 2

Subject: Have you Made a Social Security Checklist?

Hi again [First name]

There was a lot of information to take in from our Top 10 Social Security Mistakes white paper.

Making errors in any one area can end up costing you money so it’s important to cover all your bases.

Why not compile a checklist and start looking at your own individual circumstances, so you are prepared for how best to approach your Social Security claim?

Have you worked 35 years or more?
What are the consequences of you claiming before FRA? - Will you be eligible for spousal or ex-spousal benefits? Are you eligible for a survivor benefit?
Do you have dependent and/or disabled children?
What tax implications are there for your claim?
Have you calculated your potential benefits (PIA) accurately?
That’s a start. Email me if you have any questions.

[Client name]

Email 3

Subject: Have you done your Social Security Due Diligence?

Hi again [First name]

Hopefully by now you’ve started considering the key factors in applying for social security and how they relate specifically to you.

As you may have gathered from our white paper, doing due diligence on Social Security is as important as it is with any investment you make—and no less effort should go into ensuring everything’s right.

That means, before you apply, ensure you are maximizing the benefits for you and your spouse, if applicable; but it also means, once you’ve applied, checking your online or paper statements and making sure the details are right. Inaccuracies from previous employers can be expensive.

Helping you get the most out of your retirement …

[Client name]