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Suitehub Emails Email 1 Subject: Is temporary accommodation a permanent hassle? Hi {name}, Is booking temporary accommodation for your people a SMALL part of your job that seems to be taking up a BIG part of your time? Let’s face it: finding comfortable, convenient apartments for people who travel around the UK or overseas frequently is a hassle. You came by Suite Hub recently so I’m guessing you’re in this position. Thanks for signing up. We designed Suite Hub for professionals just like you. Basically, it’s our job to help you in your job: by presenting the best serviced apartment options in each location you’re searching. It costs you nothing but a few seconds of your time: Simply let us know the location, dates, guest numbers, etc. Our best team of apartment hunters will get straight onto it We’ll get back to you within 24 hours with a personalised quote detailing all the best options Ready to get started? Head on over here. If you don’t have any immediate booking requirements but are still interested in learning more about how to make corporate accommodation booking a breeze, stay tuned! I’ll be back in a few days with a look at two of the main problems that many temporary accommodation bookers face…. Till then! Name -- Email 2 Subject: What do you do when everywhere is full or too expensive? Hi again {name}, What do you do when all the accommodation you’re trying to book for your executives or other employees is either out of your budget or just not available? You’re stressing, your employees are stressing and you end up either paying through the roof or having to cancel the trip, right? What if you could replace unavailability with options and budget-busting with affordability? The temporary accommodation booking service from Suite Hub overcomes two of the main problems with trying to book serviced apartments on your own: “Everywhere is full” Maybe it’s a big group of employees; or bad timing to be in a particular city. Places can and do become full. If you don’t have enough options on your radar, that’s more likely to happen. How do we help you? We have a huge database of serviced apartments, most of which we’ve worked with for years – both in the UK and internationally. You get access to all these apartments to increase your options of finding the right place at the right time. “That’s out of our budget” If you’re booking on an ad hoc basis with multiple suppliers (hotels, serviced apartments, etc.) it’s likely to be costly. This will restrict your options. How do we help you? We’ve built powerful relationships with serviced apartment suppliers. Our buying power from booking large volumes of room nights means we’re able to pass on deals that you simply don’t get by going direct. We can often provide fixed discounted rates across multiple suppliers. This saves regular bookers a lot of money over the course of a year. Suite Hub not only saves you the stress and the expense. We also save you a lot of time. Back in a few days with a look at how we do that… Till then! Name PS. Ready to get started with a booking? Let us know what you need and we’ll do the rest. -- Email 3 Subject: Want to free up the time you spend on booking temp accommodation? Hi again {name}, The hours you spend on the phone or the web; the time you spend searching for, booking and managing apartment or hotel bookings for employees… Imagine NOT having to do all that! How many hours would you free up? Suite Hub makes that a reality. We manage the whole process from a few simple details provided at the start. It literally takes regular bookers less than a minute of their time. How much time could you save? Booking in employees across multiple hotels and apartment providers, in multiple locations, gets complicated and time-consuming. It makes little sense when the process can be managed end-to-end for free - and you still emerge with the most affordable rates! At Suite Hub, we make it simple: Complete a few details about the required accommodation We’ll get back to you within 24 hours with a personalised quote detailing all your options For complex bookings, we can put a whole solution together for you to consider We confirm the booking and manage any amendments and cancellations We can even assist your guests with customer service during their stay, if required You stay in control You maintain oversight of the whole booking process with a simple login to a dashboard that allows you to: View existing bookings Make amendments Make new bookings Track guest movements on a map Track your spend Wondering about how other accommodation bookers have saved time, money, and stress using the service? I’ll go over that in the next email. In the meantime, if you’d like to see what we can do, just let us know what you need and we’ll do the rest. Till next time! Name -- Email 4 Subject: How is life much easier for accommodation bookers now? Hi again {name}, You came past Suite Hub recently but didn’t make an accommodation request. Don’t need accommodation yet? Or maybe you thinking of giving us a try soon? We’re used by over 1000 businesses worldwide in over 42 countries. Here’s what just a few of them have said this year… Their words, not ours “Go to company for all apartment bookings” “Been working with Suitehub for over a year and I've been singing their praises in our office. Have multiple clients that need apartments for long stays and Suitehub have the best prices and apartments.” (Feb 2019) “Quality apartments with a top-notch service!” “We use Suite Hub regularly for serviced apartments for our employees. Erin and Miles are always prompt and efficient, often finding top notch apartments for us on short notice. I would recommend Suite Hub to anyone looking for quality accommodation at reasonable rates.” (Feb 2019) “Suite Hub are a delight to work with” “Our Reservations Team find their new website and supplier platform so easy to use. We have been working with Suite Hub for many years now and always find them to be friendly, efficient and offer great service.” (Aug 2019) “Suite Hub are always so helpful” “Suite Hub are always so helpful and always offer modern, affordable and high-quality apartments. As a company we have used Suite Hub for possibly 6 years now and our operatives are always happy with the standard of accommodation they offer.” (Feb 2019) “Superb & professional services throughout” “Throughout the entire process of finding, selecting and then booking the serviced accommodation with the team at Suite Hub, have found the service to be very professional indeed. The team take all the hassle and worry from the entire process.” (Jun 2019) “Excellent service” “Very prompt response times, very professional advice and a pleasure to deal with. Renting can be a hassle. Erin has made it easy. Highly recommended.” (Aug 2019) Next step? Want to get started? See what we can do by letting us know what you need. We’ll look after the rest. Talk soon! Name -- Email 5 Subject: Want to make the next accommodation booking simple? Hi again {name}, Want to make your next short-stay business accommodation booking simple? Just a short email to recap on what you can expect from our free serviced apartment booking service. In the last few emails, you’ve seen how Suite Hub is: Specifically designed to make it easy to book short-stay apartments anywhere in the UK and even internationally A comprehensive service for accommodation bookers, managed end-to-end by our professionals for free Designed to save you lots of time and stress by letting us do all the legwork Able to save you money by accessing discounted rates through our strong relationships and buying power with providers Designed to keep you informed and in control with login to a booking dashboard Celebrated by many happy customers, who’ve been using our service for years This is the last email for a while. The only thing left is for you to get a taster of what it can do for you. Remember, it costs nothing to use. Give Suite Hub a try here and you may be kicking yourself you didn’t try it before… Name --