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From Zero to Hero: How a ‘Survival-Illiterate’ Software Engineer Rescued 2 Stranded Hikers Using the Paracord Survival Bracelet

Stanley Jonson, 27, didn’t think he had it in him.

If ‘it’ was the ‘hero gene’ then he was short-changed at birth.

As a kid, instead of playing in the woods with his friends, he stayed in his bedroom playing video games.

He had always avoided the outdoors. So as an adult, he got a job as a software engineer and lived in a large metropolitan city.

He lived the life of a typical city slicker: renting a downtown apartment, taking Ubers to get everywhere and ordering take out whenever he was hungry.

He outsourced every manual task in his life. No hunting. No camping. No manly pursuits.

But Stanley felt there was always something missing—the sense that he wasn’t fully human. That he was helpless. That if you dropped him in the middle of the countryside with no wifi, he would be dead in a few days.

He always envied those Navy SEAL types who were tough and skilled enough to be 100% self-sufficient. Guys who could survive in rugged environments, no matter what challenges the natural word put in their way.

Stanley craved this confidence and security. But he always made excuses: “That’s not me. I guess I’m just not built to be an outdoors man. All I’m good at is pushing buttons and staring at blue screens.”

Then ...

One Offhand Invitation Changed His Life

A guy named Jeff, who worked in the outside sales division of Stanley’s company, sat next to him at lunch one day. Jeff mentioned that he was going on a weekend camping trip with his buddies in a couple of weeks and maybe Stanley would like to come along.

Stanley was hesitant but Jeff convinced him. Years of sales and weekends outdoors had made Jeff an assertive man.

Stanley relented but felt unprepared, so he went on an outdoor survival shopping spree. He bought all the equipment he thought he might need: a large tent, an oversized Swiss army knife, an expensive pair of hiking boots, and a heavy-duty flashlight.

Nearly a thousand dollars worth of equipment, and yet he still didn’t feel ready.

The hiking trip was a disaster.

The other guys made fun of Stanley for having so much stuff. He was always exhausted from lugging all that equipment in his backpack. He was always at the back of the group, slowing everyone down. His smartwatch broke and his smartphone had no signal. He never got to use any of the equipment he bought. He felt stupid and guilty for buying it.

They treated him like an outsider. Stan felt like he was back in school, ignored by the ‘cool kids’.

Jeff was the only guy who was nice to Stanley. Jeff seemed to carry so little but always had what he needed to fix any problem. He taught Stanley a few survival tricks.

All the while, while Jeff was showing Stanley how to make a fishing net and set up a pulley system ... Stanley couldn’t help noticing that Jeff was doing all this using a stylish survival bracelet on his wrist.

He asked about it. Jeff said the bracelet was called ‘The Paracord Survival Bracelet’. He said that he could use it to do things like:

  • Make a catapult
  • Fix a bandage
  • Build a raft
  • Put up a shelter
  • Catch fish

He demonstrated a few of these skills to the less experienced Stanley.

Stanley was intrigued, but skeptical. “If it can do all that, it must cost hundreds of dollars,” he said.

“No. It only cost me thirty bucks. A steal for all it can do. But it’s saved my ass more time than I care to remember.” Jeff said.

Stanley came home from the weekend trip dejected but couldn't get the survival bracelet out of his head. So he looked it up online. The Paracord Bracelet had tons of positive reviews. Jeff wasn’t exaggerating. The bracelet seemed like it could do anything.

“For only $29.99 I've got to give it a shot,” he said.

So he visited the website and bought one using their secure checkout page. He got an email instantly telling him his order had been processed and that his bracelet had been shipped.

Three days later it arrived. Stanley was impressed. It was lighter than he expected, weighing less than a pound. It was so intuitive that even some like Stanley, who only used his thumbs to text, could use it.

He tested the bracelet’s T-Knife to open up a couple of boxes around his apartment. He started to gain confidence in himself.

The bracelet was even stylish enough that he could wear it to civilian gatherings as well—such as to the beach or a friend’s barbecue.

Little did Stanley know that in a few days, he would get to use the Paracord Survival Bracelet in a real-life or death situation.

How Stanley Johnson Became a Life Saver

A couple of weekends after buying the bracelet, Stanley went hiking on his own. He couldn’t face the teasing from more experienced guys.

Late in the afternoon, as he walked along the trail, he saw that the conditions were getting worse. So he decided to turn back and head home.

On his way back he met two siblings—Alex and Carla. They were inexperienced hikers and trying out the trail for the first time. Stanley warned them to be careful and that it was a tough hike. They thanked him for his advice. He wished them good luck and carried on walking.

But fear gripped him again. This time it was the fear that he should have stopped them. All he could think about was the newspaper headlines the next day: Hiking Couples Missing—Presumed Dead.

Stan knew he wouldn’t be able to live with himself if he didn’t do anything. And even though he was scared, the Paracord Survival Bracelet he wore assured him that he could solve any problem. So he set off into the mist to find the couple.

He used the whistle on the bracelet to find them in the woods. When he got near, it was so dark he had to use the LED light on his bracelet to see.

He found Alex and Carla in big trouble.

The brother was stuck in quicksand and his sister was desperately trying to pull him free. Alex was a big guy, over 200lbs and Carla couldn’t get him out. So Stanley unraveled the cord from his bracelet, tossed it to Alex, and pulled him to safety.

The cord withstood the pulling but Alex’s legs had seized up. He couldn’t walk. So Stanley fashioned a stretcher out of a couple of branches and tied them with the rope from his bracelet so they could carry Alex home.

Stanley used the compass on his bracelet to guide them in the dark. When they needed to rest, he built an emergency shelter, tying some wood together, again using the cord from his bracelet. Then he used the LED light to send out an SOS signal to the mountain rescue team.

He even used the bracelet to start a fire to keep them warm.

At dawn, the rescue team found them, and Stanley was declared a hero. Typically modest, he said he couldn’t have done it without his trusty Paracord Survival Bracelet.

That was a few months ago.

What Has Happened to Stan, Alex and Carla Since?

Stanley now leads weekend hiking groups through some of the most difficult terrains in the country. He’s become a strong leader, and he’s proud of his new survival skills.

His clients are often former versions of himself: stressed-out executives who get flustered when their smart technology won’t work in the great outdoors.

“The people I take on weekend hikes soon realize that their smartphones and watches are useless out there. I recommend the Paracord Survival Bracelet to all my clients. And I don’t get paid a penny for recommending them.”

He keeps encouraging all of his clients to spend more time in nature. He believes anyone can learn life-saving survival skills… but only they have the right tools.

And the Best Postscript to This Story…

Carla, the sister of the man Stanley saved from certain death, is now Stanley’s fiancee. Her brother gave them his blessing and is eternally grateful to Stanley for saving his life.

So if you’re the outdoors type. Or if you want to protect your friends and family during the next natural disaster. If you want to be the man that finds solutions to problems. You have the tools—your hands.

What You Wear on Your Wrists Can Change Lives

It did for Stanley and Carla.

Visit the website to learn more about the bracelet that is putting military skills in the hands of (and on the wrists) of regular Joe’s like Stanley Johnson.

All you need to do is head on over to PARACORDSURVIVALBRACELET.COM to order now and claim your tactical bracelet.

The ‘Swiss Army Knife’ of Bracelets

18 Survival Tools. Dozens of Practical Applications. All on Your Wrist

Are you ready for the next natural disaster?

Mother natures is unpredictable and storms happen more than you like to think:

  • Floods
  • Hurricanes
  • Earthquakes

Even something as small as a power outage or your car breaking down.

How Prepared Are You?

You need to be ready because there are no shops out there in the woods and mountains.

Here’s the thing: We all feel safer these days because we have our tech.

Yes, technology is advancing. And yet our ability to control our physical environment gets worse.

Computers have progressed to the point where we carry them in our pockets… or on our wrists.

Smartwatches and phones help you survive in the digital world.

They’re great for ordering a cab or checking your Twitter feed, but what if you need to start a fire, reinforce a bandage on a bleeding leg, or hang up a makeshift hammock for the night to sleep free from all the creepy crawlies?

Wouldn’t it be great if we had wearable technology to help us deal with real-word problems?

And yet survival tools haven’t changed in 30 years—the same old ropes, knives, compasses, and flashlights.

Lemme share an embarrassing little story with you...

Years ago, I bought all this survival stuff.

I felt like I had all of my bases covered.

But this level of preparation gets expensive: tents, fire starters, bottle openers, fishing nets, ropes, bows.

Storing all these tools in your home is one thing… but can you imagine traveling with all this?

Do You Want to Pack Up All This Stuff and Take it With You?

  • To visit the lake house for the weekend?
  • To stay at a log cabin for a vacation?
  • To go camping with the family?
  • To take a hike with your buddies for the day?

A wise man once said: “Enjoyment of travel goes down as the amount of luggage you take goes up.”

It’s heavy, expensive and stressful to buy all the different tools you need to be prepared for every outdoor crisis.

Lemme tell you, lugging a backpack chock-full of survival gear up the side of a mountain is hell on earth.

Answer me this:

How would you like to be able to travel light while knowing that you carry everything you need to cope with any problem mother nature throws at you?

The Special Forces Solved This Problem Years Ago

When they go on an eighteen-mile hike, they can’t carry a heavy flashlight, a fishing rod or a catapult with them. Space is a premium in their backpacks and minimalism is the name of the game. Military guys need to move fast, travel light and yet have the tools to deal with emergencies out in the wild.

Now for the first time, the tools and gadgets used by elite fighting forces, commando units, search and rescue teams, and the Fire Department are available to the general public.

And don’t worry…

You don’t need a government-sized military defense budget, or years of intense training to use this gadget.

Introducing…. The Paracord Survival Bracelet

This light and stylish tactical bracelet weighs less than a pound and is made of heavy-duty paracord.

The cord extends out to three meters long and is strong enough to tow a broken-down car.

Here are some added features that will help survival conscious guys:

👉 Compass to orient yourself and find safety points

👉 Whistle to communicate at distance with other members of your team, or to send a warning/distress signals

👉 LED light to send out SOS signals

👉 Cord to create a temporary shelter, or a tie-up an overnight tent

But you don’t have to be John Rambo to get full use of this tactical bracelet. The Paracord Bracelet comes in handy in all sorts of everyday situations around the home.

For example:

  • You can use the bottle opener to open beers for your friends while watching the game or having a barbecue
  • You can use the cord to secure a boat on your trailer
  • You can strap bikes or surfboards to the roof of your car
  • You can use the flashlight to find your way through the house to the fuse box when the next power outage happens
  • You can tie down a tarp sheet to cover your grill, furniture, or whatever else you left outside but need to protect from the elements
  • You can reinforce your luggage and keep it together when you fly
  • Hell, you can even groom if you want and use the microfibres to floss your teeth.

The only limits to the use of the Paracord Survival Bracelet are in your imagination.

  • Need to fix your bike?
  • Need to fish for tonights’ supper?
  • Need to unscrew the back of your smartphone or other electrical appliance?
  • Need to put up a tripwire to keep your camp secure and keep predators away?

The Paracord Tactical Bracelet can do all this and more.

Here is What One of Our Users Had to Say About the Paracord Tactical Bracelet:

“Whenever I go hiking or on camping trips with my friends, they always ask me: ‘Where is your backpack? Where is your rope? Don’t you carry a flashlight?’ I just smile and point to my bracelet. They envy me not having to lug around all those tools. I’ve told them all to buy a Paracord Tactical Bracelet.”

Order the Paracord Survival Bracelet today for only $29.99

If you’re a man who loves the outdoors and solving problems, this bracelet can save you the dollars and space in your backpack.

Getting Started is Simple

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Once your transaction is complete, you’ll get an email from us with your confirmation of your order and the shipping details.

In a few days from now, you’ll be learning how to be a life-long problem solver, for yourself and for those you care about.

It could even save your life or someone else’s.

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