We created an email marketing strategy for Lions Prep as well as writing a number of email campaigns.


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“NerveCentral did a fantastic job in building out my email automation, perfectly worded emails triggered at the right time in the customers’ journey. We have seen open rates between 55-70% with click-through rates of up to 20% which are astonishing figures.”
George Taylor,


Email Marketing Blueprint



Email Course Example

Hey [name],

Welcome to The Lion’s Prep’s 5 life-hacks to get fit and eat healthy! Let’s start with food...

There’s a widespread idea that eating lean has to be restrictive, but we should rethink that. For one, the recipes offered at The Lion’s Prep are packed with flavour and it’s hard to resist our menu.

Plus, think of the best restaurants you’ve been to, they had small portions that left you full and satisfied. You see, there’s no need for a food coma to attest to a great dining experience.

Here are some ideas from us to you — to get you excited to don that apron:

  • Keep it simple. Protein, carbs and vegetables are a great choice for any meal. Don’t be intimidated by the cookbooks.

  • Oils and herbs are your friend. In moderation, they’ll not only add flavour to your dish, they’ll also make for amazing plate decoration.

  • Sweet ingredients are welcome. Cuisines around the world like to mix fruit or honey into main dishes, just like we enjoy eggs and bacon for breakfast.

Curious where to start? Lucky for you, we have recipes ready for you to try them, click here to check them out.

We hope this helps get your gears going because next time, we’ll be telling you about meal planning. That face you’re pulling now is exactly what we’re going to work on.

Go write down recipes you’d like to try — we’re excited to get you cooking.

Until next time,

Cart Abandonment Example

Hey [firstname],

Our users put a lot of trust in us. We handle your food — which is kind of a big deal.

But the mere fact that strangers could be handling your food can raise a lot of questions. So here’s my attempt to try to answer your questions. Remember, if you have any additional questions, just hit reply. I’ll be happy to answer them for you.

On deliveries, we seal your meals in a germ-proof container and send it on with DPD. The container is also temperature controlled, to ensure your food stays cool and doesn’t spoil.

On the day of delivery, we’ll give you a one-hour time slot in which your delivery will take place.

Finally, to track your order, simply download the DPD app and you check on the progress of your delivery.

We go the extra mile to ensure your meals are kept safe and stay fresh. And thanks to our partnership with DPD, they handle your food with extra care too.

Every meal you get from us is nutritious, 100% safe and is easy to reheat. And reheating the meals normally takes less than 3 minutes - with reheating instructions right on the box.

So you can go from spending hours a week in the kitchen, to spending just 21 minutes for the entire week’s meals.

Sign up now for easy monthly payments and get 10% off your first month.

All the best,