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Weight Loss – Our New Investigation

A Beverly Hills Physician Reveals How He Helped a Desperate Young Woman Lose 88 Pounds In 12 Weeks Without Dieting

…and how he helped 3,539 others lose inches off their waistlines, stomachs, buttocks, thighs and hips

Every so often, news of an incredible weight loss discovery sweeps through the medical community.

The latest news comes from Dr. Don Shlesinger MD, a renowned weight loss expert and dietician in the glitzy Los Angeles neighborhood of Beverly Hills. Hollywood stars have been beating a path to Dr. Shlesinger’s door for the past 30 years for weight loss advice, but his latest discovery has made more waves than ever.

For the past 11 years, Dr. Shlesinger has been hard at work developing a new weight loss method. He recently tested it on 3,540 volunteers who were eager to try his latest technique.

Dr. Shlesinger tried to find volunteers with real difficulties losing weight. Like women who had already tried many diets before. Or women from families full of obese people.

One volunteer had previously tried 47 different diets and weight loss methods without any success before coming to Dr. Shlesinger, and she wasn’t the only one who’d tried everything!

As part of the clinical trial, Dr. Shlesinger told everyone to stop dieting. He also told them not to do any extra exercise.

Those results were absolutely incredible, way beyond Dr. Shlesinger’s expectations.

98% of his volunteers lost 10 pounds or more. One woman lost 46 pounds in the first month alone. Others lost 30, 40, 50, 75 or even 100 pounds. And many of his volunteers had to stop the study, because they lost too much weight.

Exclusive: The Secret Behind The Results

So how did they get such incredible results? It all comes down to the unique formula.

Most weight loss products are only effective for a very short time. It’s called “The Tolerance Effect”. Dr. Shlesinger’s medical breakthrough is the first product to ever beat that effect. It’s the only product that can be fully effective 100% of the time.

[Insert “Tolerance build up in weight loss products” graph here]

Amanda Duncan, one woman on Dr. Shlesinger’s study, described herself as “completely hopeless”. Today, just 12 weeks later, she’s living a different life after shedding 88 pounds. An exclusive extract from her weight loss story is printed below.

37 Year Old Amanda Duncan’s Incredible 88 Pound Weight Loss Revealed, In Her Own Words

I was always a chubby kid. But it wasn’t until I had my first child that the weight really started packing on. I loved good food and cooking, and I used any excuse to eat. I ate when I was sad to cheer me up. I ate when I had something to celebrate. Even just a normal Friday night became an excuse to have a huge pizza all to myself. Everyone could see me getting fat. I was sure my friends were talking behind my back. Even my young son made a hurtful comment.

My husband definitely noticed. I could see his eyes following around pretty young girls in the street, but he never seemed to have time for me. He hadn’t looked at me that way in years. I even caught him looking at pretty young women on Instagram. I looked in the mirror and I was ashamed. Compared to those women, I was terrible. I needed to lose some weight to get my life under control again.

“I tried everything, and nothing worked.”

I tried every diet under the sun. You name it, I tried it. Low-carb, keto, grapefruit juice, cabbage soup, even going vegan! They just made my life a misery. Occasionally I’d lose a few pounds, but I just ended up putting even more weight back on. After nearly a year of struggling, I’d almost given up. I’d practically resigned myself to just being a fat disaster all my life, never getting respect from anyone and always having to shop in plus-size stores.

Then I was lucky enough to run across Dr. Shlesinger’s study. He was looking for women just like me – women who had tried everything and who felt completely hopeless.

To be honest I didn’t expect much. But Dr. Shlesinger is a highly respected dietician, so I jumped at the chance to try out his new discovery for free.

“I couldn’t believe how much weight I lost.”

In just two days I’d lost 7lbs. I already noticed my clothes getting looser. Within weeks I started getting compliments, and when I stepped on the scales I couldn’t believe how much weight I’d shed. And this was with no special dieting and no exercise. I even got to keep enjoying my favorite foods.

After 12 weeks my body was completely transformed. I’d lost 88 pounds. But the most staggering thing was how I managed to drop weight on the most important parts of my body.

I lost:

  • Six inches off my waistline
  • Four inches off my stomach
  • Four inches off my buttocks
  • Three inches off my thighs
  • Five inches off my hips

“And I wasn’t the only one!”

When I went to Dr. Shlesinger’s clinic for my final weigh-in, I met dozens of other women who lost weight in all the right places. Some women lost even more weight than I did, anything up to 100lbs. And there were even some women who had to stop the program mid-way – because they’d lost too much weight. It wasn’t just a miracle for me. It was also life changing for thousands of other women.

“Now, life is so much easier.”

This was the first time I’d ever managed to drop all the weight I needed to lose. To say that my life changed is an understatement. My friends were absolutely shocked, and some of them were a bit envious. People seem more interested in me in general, and more friendly. And of course I feel much better too, with so much more energy.

Now when I’m walking down the street with my husband, he isn’t looking at other women. He’s looking right at me. My love life has improved so much. And the crazy thing is that I even got a promotion at work, into a position I enjoy much more. I don’t know if it’s linked to the weight loss – maybe I just seem more confident and together now, like I’ve got my life handled.

Without Dr. Shlesinger’s discovery, I don’t know what I would have done. Right now, I feel like the world has reached out and given me a great big hug. And I think every woman deserves to feel like that.”

Dr. Shlesinger’s Clinic Seeks 3000 More Volunteers To Take Part In Weight Loss Trial

Only those with at least 10 pounds of excess weight may participate in the trial.

Amanda Duncan’s story may surprise you. The huge success of the trial was surprising even for Dr. Shlesinger himself. But it really is true. 3540 women really did lose all their excess weight with his help.

Now, Dr. Shlesinger has partnered with [Product Name] Neutraceutical Labs for a further clinical trial of his discovery. Participants will not have to visit Dr. Shelsinger’s clinic in Beverly Hills. The trial will be conducted by mail.

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Dr. Shlesinger’s discovery is incredibly powerful. If you lose too much weight, then you must stop the trial immediately.