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Woman Transforms Her Shower Into a Luxury Spa Experience... The Result: Shiny Hair, Glowing Skin and Lower Utility Bills

“I improved my looks and saved enough money to buy a luxury spa retreat on a tropical island… but I still prefer my home shower.”

11 months ago, 36-year old Julie Kruger looked in the mirror and didn’t like what she saw.

Her once thick, chestnut hair was dull and thinning. Her once rosy, healthy complexion was now dry, pale and flaking.

At first, she turned to the health and beauty industry for possible solutions:

“I was applying moisturizer to my skin twice a day and combing hair serum into my hair. I was spending more than ever on cosmetics to try to look better. And yet I knew it was just a temporary fix and wasn’t treating the cause.”

Then she looked at her lifestyle. Maybe stress was at fault? As an IT executive, Julie worked long hours and felt the job was taking its toll on her looks.

So she convinced her boss to let her work from home, she thought it would fix the problem.

It didn’t.

So she looked at her diet: “I visited a nutritionist. He convinced me to buy a water filter for my kitchen. I started adding filtered water to my coffee every morning and I saw some improvements. But I still looked like I was auditioning for the Adams Family.”

Then one day the answer came to her. It was clear and fresh and sitting in a glass.

“I had just taken a shower and I was drying my hair and looking in the mirror.

My T-Zone, the area above my eyebrows and on the bridge of my nose, was so dry. And it was always the same—just after I had had a shower.

I turned away from the mirror because I couldn't bear to look at myself anymore. And I spotted a glass of water I had left on the bedside table.

I had poured myself a glass of filtered water from the kitchen just before I went for a shower.“

That’s when a piece of advice my mother gave me popped into my head:

‘Don’t put anything on your body that you wouldn’t put into your mouth.’

I looked at the glass of water on the dresser and a light bulb went off—water on my skin!

I was putting water on my skin that I would never put into my mouth!

I had a filter for the water that went into my mouth but no filter for the water that went on my skin!”

So Julie searched online and found a few showerheads that filtered water. She tried a couple, but they were so hard to install: “I had to ask my brother (who is a plumber) to do it for me.

And when I finally got it on and took a shower there we only two settings—either a slow drip like water torture or a blast of pressure like a fireman’s hose.”

Julie went back to the internet and read some independent reviews and finally found a showerhead (HydroPur) that was easy to install.

All she had to do was unscrew her old showerhead and screw the new one on.

“I work in IT. I’m the least manual person you’ll ever meet. So if I can fit it on in a few minutes then anyone can.”

Once Julie felt the warm jets soothing her skin, she knew she could never go back to her old shower.

“I tried it out and the water pressure and the way it felt on my skin was heavenly. I was in there so long that my husband began to bang on the door, worrying that something was wrong. I just got lost in the moment.”

Did the HydroPur Improve Julie’s Hair and Skin Issues?

You betcha. The HydroPur removes all the limescale, impurities, chlorine and other chemicals out of the water:

“My friends call me the cleanest person they know. And I’ve made new friends because I feel so good about myself with my new hair and skin.”

Healthy Mind, Healthy Body: The Hidden Benefits of Luxurious Showers

After a few weeks of using the HydroPur, Julie noticed some of her other health habits changing as well:

“I even started a home workout routine. I make sure I work up a good sweat so I can take a nice long shower after. In the winter I take a nice hot shower to warm me up. And in the summer I take cold showers that cool me down.

Now that I work from home I sometimes pop into the shower when I need to relax or feel I need a ‘pick me up’. Some of my best creative ideas have come while I’m daydreaming under my new Hydropur shower head.

Sometimes I take two or three showers per day!”

And you would think that staying in the shower for so long and taking three showers per day would raise her water bill.

But you’d be wrong.

The HydroPur Heads Have Been Proven to Reduce Water Consumption by up to 60%

As Julie's utilities bill went down, she started depositing the difference in a savings account to fund her dream vacation.

But the savings didn’t stop there: “The money I saved on skin moisturizer and hair serum went towards my vacation too”.

In fact, with the money she saved on water and from buying fewer cosmetics … she had saved enough to pay for a luxury spa experience for her and her husband.

“It was the least I could do after to make up for all the time that I spend in the bathroom...

The shower paid for itself and then some”.

But here’s the thing: even though Julie’s husband was initially annoyed that she was spending so long in the bathroom, he doesn’t mind now because… he’s enjoying the benefits of the HydroPur himself.

“My husband’s hair was thinning. And it was clogging up the drain as he showered. But soon after fitting the HydroPur, his hairloss stopped.

He hasn’t regrown a full head of hair, of course, but he’s not shedding like he was.

And to spoil him, I paid for us to go to Bali for a luxury spa retreat.

But as soon as I was standing under the waterfall in the rainforest, listening to the birds sing … I couldn’t wait to get back home to my HydroPur shower in my little bathroom.

It’s actually better. The water is softer. I can control the pressure and it soothes me like nothing else.

The first thing I did when I came home from Bali was run upstairs and take a shower.

I feel like I’m back on a tropical island every time I step under the shower.”

What is Julie up to These Days? Is She Still Enjoying the HydroPur Almost a Year Later?

“Everybody who hasn't seen me for a while can’t believe how young and healthy I look. I feel clean and refreshed all the time.

I’m still saving money on cosmetics and my utilities. But this time I won’t put the money toward a spa retreat. What’s the point when I have one right here in my bathroom?

So I’m saving up for something else. I’ll probably spend the money on the house—maybe a bigger bathroom—with the same shower in it of course.”

But wait. There’s one more benefit that Julie didn’t expect when she bought the HydroPur almost a year ago…

She spends less time on cleaning her bathroom:

Enjoy a Sparkling Bathroom… With Less Cleaning Time

“And a bonus of less limescale, my bathroom stays clean for longer. No more streaks on the glass and the shower fitting. So I don’t have to clean my bathroom as often.”

Share the indulgence of a revitalizing shower with your loved ones

The Hydropur has simplified Julie’s gift-giving—for a while at least:

“Last Christmas I bought a Hydropur for all of my friends and family. I don’t even ask them what they want for Christmas—I just know that everyone needs one.

I bought one for my brother as well, and he recommends them to all his customers, and he doesn’t get paid a penny to do so.”

Here’s how you can order your Hydropur today.

Simply click here to learn more about how the HydroPur can change your life.

In a few days, you could be enjoying a spa-quality shower in the comfort of your own home.

And start being kinder to your hair and skin.

All the hard work that you’re putting into looking good—makeup and diet, is being flushed down the drain.

Start Nourishing Your Hair and Skin With Pure Water

Don’t delay. You were only given one skin and one hair—treat them fairly today.

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Is Your Shower Head Making You Sick and Tired?

New, Easy-to-Fit Shower Head Filters Out Chemicals and Reduces Water Consumption… Giving You Stronger Hair, Beautiful Skin and Big Savings on Your Water Bill

We all know the risks of putting bad foods and drinks into our bodies.

But very few of us worry about the toxic chemicals we’re putting on our skin every day.

  • Did you know that the skin is the largest organ on your body, covering an area of about 20 square feet?
  • Did you also know that the skin absorbs impurities that pass through it into your bloodstream?

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Researchers from Boston University have proven that we absorb “six times more volatile chemicals through our lungs and skin while bathing, than from drinking chlorinated water“

Now, chlorinated water does some good things. It kills harmful bacteria in the water. But it can also have some negative effects on our health. For example:

  • Itchy skin
  • Rashes
  • Eczema
  • Dry eyes
  • Dandruff

Any of these sound familiar?

Chlorine irritates your scalp and skin. It destroys the proteins in your hair, leaving it dry, dull, and unmanageable.

And that’s not all.

Here are just a couple of other impurities that slide through our pipes and into our bodies every day:

  1. Limescale
  2. Heavy metals

Now don’t be alarmed. The stuff in our water isn't bad enough to do you any real damage.

Not all at once anyway.

But over time, those tiny drops of harmful chemicals will cause small problems, especially to your hair and skin.

You don’t notice them, but day by day it takes a toll and then you wake up one day and say:

“Who’s that tired looking person staring back at me?”

Or your hairdresser asks you what shampoo and conditioner you’re using… because your hair is looking dry and brittle.

Many health conscious-people have got on to the idea of filtering the water in their kitchen.

But very few of us give a second thought to the water we absorb through our skin.

But there’s good news—many innovative companies have solved this problem.

They've created a simple-to-attach shower head that filters out impurities in your water.

Liquid Nutrition for Your Skin and Hair

The company leading the charge in this space is HydroPur.

The HydroPur showerhead both purifies and energizes your bathroom water.

Not only have they taken the bad stuff out, but they’ve also managed to put the good stuff back in, feeding your hair and skin the nutrition and hydration it craves.

The HydroPur shower head filters your water through three groups of ‘powerballs’:

Infrared Mineral balls

These remove chlorine, heavy metals and bacteria from the water.

Negative Ionic balls

These improve mineral nutrient absorption and reduce oil secretion. This strengthens your metabolism and reduces fatigue.

PH Energy Balls

These balance the PH levels of your water, taking it from acidic to neutral or very slightly alkaline.

Water Filter + Masseuse = The HydroPur Showerhead

And the benefits don't end with your hair and skin…

How would you like to make your joints and muscles feel better as well?

How would you not only like to feel clean but also massaged when you step out of the shower?

With a combination of soft softer water, and patented technology that helps you get just the right amount of pressure to your shower.

Answer this: Do you ever feel that you can’t get the right pressure when you shower?

It’s either too fast and powerful or it’s like a drip and you can’t feel it.

With a simple adjustment of the HydroPur showerhead, you can get rhythmical pressure…

soothing all the muscles in your back and neck.

Three Shower Modes Put You in Control

  1. Jet—For an invigorating power shower to wake you up and get you going in the morning.
  2. Rainfall—For a stress-release after hard day
  3. Massage—For a relaxing, wind down shower in the evening just before you go to bed.

You can adjust it to your needs. You’re in control.

Stop Pouring Your Hard-Earned Money Down the Drain

Now, you might be thinking: “All this sounds great and if my shower does all this—gives me thick, shiny hair and a glowing, healthy complexion, I expect to make some trade-offs and pay more on my water bills.”

But you’d be wrong. Because...

Hydropur’s Laser Perforated Technology Saves 30% Water and Increases 200% Pressure

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That means you’re saving money AND helping the planet as well.

I’m sure you’ve seen it or heard it on the news.

But if you haven’t, lemme lay it out for you—the planet earth isn’t doing too well these days. So by attaching the HydroPur head to your shower hose , you’re putting a bit of extra money in your back pocket and doing your bit for climate change along the way as well.

Think of it like roof solar panels for your shower.

Everybody wins.

Moving on.

You Don’t Need an Engineering Degree From MIT to Fit the HydroPur

Now, I know you’re thinking: “How difficult is it to fit this thing? Do I need to be a NASA scientist or a part-time plumber to be able to fit this thing?”

Actually no, if you can screw and unscrew a showerhead, you can fit this to your shower in about thirty seconds.

And then you’re ready to have the shower of your life.

And… it’s as easy to detach and clean as it is to set up.

Going back to your old shower after this will be like having showers in the lockers rooms when you were in high school.

Oh and one more thing!

Enjoy a Spotless Bathroom in Half the Cleaning Time

I mentioned that the HydroPure filters out limescale. That means fewer streaks and stains on your shower glass doors and tiles.

That means a cleaner bathroom and less cleaning for you.

Who Else Wants to Have Shiny Hair, Glowing Skin, Reduced Utility Bills, a Cleaner Bathroom… All the While Doing Your Bit to Save the Planet?

We only have one body in this life.

So make sure you take care of it.

I’m sure you do. I’m sure you eat well, drink plenty of (filtered) water and get some exercise, and groom. It shows that you care and value your body.

And you probably weren't aware of all the chemicals that get into our water supply.

But now you know. And you know that there is a simple solution.

After you experience your first revitalizing shower, using the Hydropur and delight yourself seeing your complexion and how relaxed and tension-free your muscles feel, you’ll be hooked.

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Here’s How to Order Today

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