A small selection of the results we've generated with our client Paid Media campaigns.


  • Google Ads

  • Facebook Ads

  • Copywriting

  • Ad Creatives

“NerveCentral helped my company launch a new product that brought in a 5-figure profit in the first week (without any affiliates). They wrote a number of landing pages, video scripts and an email series building up to the launch. They did a great job at guiding us through the whole process. The product launch was a tremendous success! I’ll definitely continue to work with NerveCentral on a number of new projects.”

Lead Generation

These are two screenshots from a lead generation project where the lead enters a funnel and continues to receive direct offers afterwards.

Online Courses

These screenshots illustrate the purchase value of different online courses we promoted using a range of different strategies.

Some courses entice customers with a free ebook or webinar, while others are marketed through direct offers.

Local Businesses

This is a Google Ads account that manages more than 15 accounts for lead generation of local businesses.

We've been working with these clients for over a year, and they're very happy with the leads we've generated for them.